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Nov 26, 2021

Welcome to Invest Ottawa’s Taking Root segment.

Each month, this reoccurring article will highlight a driven tech or business professional who took advantage of Invest Ottawa’s talent program and successfully landed a role at a star technology company in Canada’s capital city! Through Taking Root, you’ll learn the ins and outs of their new position and hear firsthand what it’s like to relocate to Ottawa.

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6 mins | 901 words
By: Brooke Harrison

Vivian Ufodike’s journey into project management was a unique and emotional one.  

She describes her path into project management as a fate-driven incident that led to the career of her dreams. From immigrating from her home country of Nigeria to Canada for school, to holding multiple degrees, her resume shows a story of extreme tenacity and drive. Vivian stops at nothing to achieve her goals. All this hard work led her to where she is today, working in Ottawa as a project manager with Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security. 

Read on to learn how Vivian landed her role with Irdeto. 

From Nigeria to Canada 

I never planned to have a career in project management, however, when I applied for a BS of Science my application got lost. By the time I found out, the Project Management program was the only one left with open spots. Little did I know, this happy accident would lead me to the career of my dreams.  

During my program, I landed an internship with Chevron Nigeria Limited, an oil company. As the oil and gas industry in Nigeria is quite large, this was an amazing opportunity. After experiencing project management outside of school, I embraced it with everything I had. I decided to move to Canada for my Masters, and the rest is history! Ultimately, I am so happy I ended up in Ottawa. 

Landing the dream job in two weeks with the help of Invest Ottawa’s talent team 

I applied to a position on Invest Ottawa’s LinkedIn. It was a project manager position where they needed someone with a finance and IT background. I knew immediately I had the experience to succeed in this role. A few days after applying, a talent sourcer from Invest Ottawa, Steve Carungcong, contacted me by email and booked a virtual meeting. We had a great conversation about my background and experience, and I told him about my goal of finding a full-time permanent position. I think he was really impressed with my drive. Following our call, he introduced me to two companies. I ended up landing an interview with both and was ultimately offered a position with one of them. From the time I met Steve, I landed my dream job within two weeks! 

A new professional future in Ottawa 

Vivian Ufodike, who stands to the right with her arms crossed in a blue blazer.

I am really excited to help the team grow and remove roadblocks and bottlenecks to get the priority jobs done! I will be working on projects with SaaS and cloud operations which is perfect as I have a background in those areas. It’s a unique position that I can see myself excelling in. The company has already been amazing and seems to care greatly about its employees.  

The position is also 50 per cent remote and 50 per cent on site, which is perfect. I have the time to be at home and focus but I am also able to go into the office and see my colleagues in person. This will help me continuously learn and grow from their expertise. Working in the office allows for those face-to-face conversations where you can teach each other and share unique perspectives. 

Planting roots in Ottawa 

I moved to Ottawa for my certificate program at Algonquin College and never left! I knew in my mind this is where I wanted to plant my roots, build my career and my family. I’ve had opportunities for other jobs in Manitoba and Saskatoon, but I could never picture leaving Ottawa. I love that it’s the capital city of Canada. Everything happens here. There are so many opportunities. Ottawa is also a tech hub, so it’s competitive, but being around such driven and career-focused people is invigorating. It really motivates me to continue learning and growing in my career. 

Ottawa is also a great place to raise a family. Nowhere in Canada compares. The balance of city and green space is amazing. The city has the best schools, diverse people, and beautiful neighbourhoods. I tell all my friends to move here.

Advice for immigrants and job seekers 

It is daunting moving to a country where you know no one. But I have been fortunate enough to have built a strong community around myself. When you first get here, you need to visualize your goal, focus on it, and don’t let anything come in the way of achieving it. There are great opportunities here. You just need that courage to keep pushing. Don’t give up, and don’t back down. No matter what the roadblocks are. 

When applying to jobs, I would always pick out one part of a job description I felt less confident in and go and learn it. I would study the skill so the next time I applied for a role I could add that skill set to my resume.  

Don’t give up hope, I know it can be exhausting applying to multiple positions, but the perfect role is out there. Keep pushing, keep moving forward, and keep improving yourself. 

Did you miss out on our last career fair? Join our talent pool to receive an invite straight to your mailbox.  

Nov 25, 2021

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8 mins | 1279 words
By: Brooke Harrison

As we welcome December, now is the perfect time to start dreaming of the opportunities 2022 can bring. A new year can mean a fresh start, a new goal to achieve and new memories to be made. What better way to start the new year than with your dream job?  

This month we are highlighting a host of innovative companies and startups in many industries like connected and autonomous vehicle, education, software, and entertainment industries. 

Make 2022 your year. Apply today!

1. BlackBerry QNX 

What it does: 

Do you find the world of connected and autonomous vehicles exciting? Then working at BlackBerry QNX might be your calling. It is the leading supplier of safe, secure, and trusted operating systems, development tools, and professional services for connected embedded systems. Working with celebrated companies like Audi and General Electric, BlackBerry QNX is producing technologies for the next generation of secure vehicle software platforms, network routers, medical devices and more. Its software is being used in over 195 million vehicles worldwide. 

The perks: 

The team at BlackBerry QNX enjoy a full benefits package featuring health, dental, and life insurance plans, fitness reimbursement scheme, counselling services, educational reimbursement, retirement savings programs, employee stock purchase plan, performance-based bonuses and travel insurance.  

Current job openings: 

Technical Project ManagerQuality ManagerIntegration DeveloperSoftware Test SpecialistSoftware Developer, Functional Safety ManagerEmbedded Graphics Developers and many more. 


What it does:  

Celebrated Ottawa startup Fellow is taking those long corporate meetings and making them productive again. Fellow’s app enables users to plan and engage in productive team meetings, meaningful 1:1s and collaborate to build meeting agendas that matter. Its software also keeps individuals accountable and pushes them to stay on track. This month Fellow celebrated raising a $24M US Series A led by Craft Ventures. 

The perks: 

Fellow believes in allowing its employees to work remotely from anywhere in Canada. Employees also benefit from fair compensation, stock options, paid sick leave, three weeks paid vacation plus a company break at the end of the calendar year, health and dental coverage, parental leave, and flexible hours. 

Current job openings: 

Account ExecutiveMarketing SpecialistChief Of StaffCustomer Service Genius, QA Analyst, Sales Development Representative  

3. HostedBizz 

What it does: 

As a cloud provider, HostedBizz has made a commitment to help businesses break free from the limits of IT. The company’s suite of programs and services removes the technical challenges of managing IT while reducing the cost associated with infrastructure and application ownership. Trusted by names like ROYAL LePage and Toshiba, HostedBizz helps businesses scale and grow with the best cloud infrastructure service experience.  

The perks: 

The team at HostedBizz enjoys a fast-paced environment, where the opportunity for continuous learning is abundant. They also enjoy competitive salaries, health and dental packages and a fun team environment. 

Current job openings: 

IT Support SpecialistIntermediate Level Information Systems AnalystSenior Systems Administrator

4. JSI Telecom 

What it does: 

Having access to accurate data is essential for an organization’s success. JSI makes it easier for its clients to see their data through its data visualization platform. The organization mainly works with law enforcement, intelligence, and security organizations. Its software, 4Sight is changing what it means to be a data-centric organization.  

The perks: 

As JSI wants its employees to feel empowered, it provides dedicated learning hours, competitive salaries, flexible hours, and many social clubs. 

Current job openings: 

Networking Systems Engineer, Delivery Integration Technician, QA Core Automation Developer, QA Technical Feature Tester, Software Developers, Software Developer Database, Software Developer Manager

5. LearnExperts 

What it does:  

This celebrated Ottawa startup helps companies train sooner and grow revenue faster through utilizing AI to quickly create courses and digital training solutions. LearnExperts’ software cuts the time to create and launch a new course from months to a number of days. The company recently announced the close of its oversubscribed $1.25M seed round. 

The perks: 

Working at LearnExperts you will enjoy a collaborative and open-minded work environment. You will also benefit from a competitive salary, career growth opportunities and the knowledge you are making an impact.

Current job openings: 

Senior Full Stack Developer 

6. Lytica 

What it does:  

Lytica provides its customers with the data, insight, and analysis needed to improve their procurement, and ultimately build better and more resilient supply chains. The organization enables its customers to save at unprecedented levels through its unique cost benchmarking methodology. Lytica is currently experiencing strong growth, having recently raised $3 million in investments. 

The perks: 

As an employee of Lytica, you’ll be rewarded for your hard work through a robust benefit plan, remote/hybrid work environment, competitive salaries, ample social events, vibrant lunch & learns and bottomless coffee & snacks. 

Current job openings: 

Intermediate Customer Success ManagerIntermediate Software DeveloperSenior Account ExecutiveIntermediate Business Development Representative   

7. Masterpiece Studio  

What it does: 

Masterpiece Studio is home to an award-winning VR tech team that has created the first fully immersive 3D creation pipeline ever. With its suite of professional and intuitive tools, creatives, artists and designers can take their 2D skills to 3D. As its live product is already available and launching free on Steam, Masterpiece Studio anticipates a large amount of user growth on the horizon. Working for this leading innovator in VR, you will be supported to bring the metaverse to life.  

The perks: 

Working at Masterpiece Studio, you will join a small team of talented individuals. The startup provides employees with competitive salaries, positive work environments and health and dental benefits.  

Current job openings: 

Data Engineer, Computer ScientistFull Stack DeveloperSenior VR Game Developer  


What it does: 

The team at NuEnergy realizes how daunting governing AI can be for corporations. As a result, NuEnergy has come up with customized principled and ethical AI solutions that organizations can trust. Through its Machine Trust Platform, NuEnergy monitors the trustworthiness of an organization’s AI development and implementation. The organization works with large corporations like Employment and Social Development Canada, and Envirosoft. NuEnergy recently announced its Machine Trust Platform will be the center of a pilot project with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 

The perks: 

NuEnergy believes in bringing out the best in its employees’ skills, strengths and potential. Employees of benefit from a competitive salary, dental and health benefits, and ample room for career growth. 

Current job openings: 

Sales Associate, Full Stack Developer, UI/UX Developer, Data Scientist, Director Business Development 

9. PanTHERA  

What it does: 

This Canadian-based corporation designs and manufactures cryopreservation solutions for cells, tissues and organs. PanTHERA is enhancing the cryopreservation process and improving research tools and clinical therapy products. In December 2020 PanTHERA secured a $2 million USD investment from BiLife Solutions Inc and Casdin Capital.  

The perks: 

As an employee for PanTHERA you will enjoy a competitive salary, engaging team atmosphere, and continuous career growth opportunities.  

Current job openings: 

Director of Product and Process Design, Cryobiologist, Synthetic Organic Chemist 

10. Signiant 

What it does: 

An industry leader in cloud-native SaaS, Signiant works with some of the largest brands in the world like Disney, NHL, NFL, NBA, BBC and more. The organization provides state-of-the-art file movement software to help its clients ensure fast, secure delivery of large files over public and private networks. The organization recently acquired Levels Beyond, the company responsible for Reach Engine, a media workflow software suite.  

The perks: 

The team at Signiant enjoys a fast-paced high energy environment. On top of this, they benefit from a competitive salary, flexible work environment, and a comprehensive benefit package. Signiant is also open to growing its team with international talent. 

Current job openings: 

Technical Customer SupportIntermediate Full Stack Software DeveloperSystems Software Developer, University Co-Op Core C++, University Co-Op Software Developer 

Nov 25, 2021

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7 mins | 959 words
By: Randy Gaudreau

Whether it was learning to make sourdough for the first time, or finally learning how to write JavaScript, many Canadians holed up during the COVID-19 pandemic felt driven to learn a few new skills.

And it wasn’t just us here in Canada. All around the world, the pandemic made us realize we had an opportunity on our hands to learn new things.

American online course provider Udemy noted in a special report that they saw a 425% increase in enrollment across their online platform – in courses ranging from Technical Drawing to Ukulele.

On the professional development level, Canadians have been very motivated to move their career and training forward during the pandemic by upskilling and reskilling to secure or advance their position.

A poll of Canadians conducted by Athabasca University earlier this year points out that 74% are prioritizing self-improvement, expressing that it’s time they invested in themselves and were looking at taking steps to level up. The same survey notes that 59% of Canadians polled expressed an interest in enhancing their skills with credible learning to stay at the leading edge of their profession.

What does this shift mean for organizations? It could mean they have a great opportunity to provide a culture of continuous learning for their employees who are eyeing opportunities to grow. LinkedIn Learning data between January and April of 2020 showed a 130% increase in learning by enterprise learners, which adds up to an increase of 4.8 million hours of extra learning.

I think first and foremost, everyone should be asking themselves, ‘What does growth mean to me?’ That might mean different things for different people, but establishing what growth means to you and then finding out ways to pursue things that you’re passionate about is a great first step.

According to Heidi Hauver, Vice President of Talent Strategy and HR for Invest Ottawa, if you’re looking to grow new skills that will lead to new opportunities, you’ll want to show that you can take matters into your own hands.

“You need to show that you’re a lifelong learner,” she said. “And if you’re not, right away, you’re creating a roadblock for yourself in your ability to be successful. Employers are looking for individuals that show they can adapt, they’re lifelong learners, and they have a growth mindset.”

The good news is, whether you’re looking to keep your credentials up to date or to learn new skills that can set you on a new path, there’s a multitude of programs available. But for many of us, finding the time, money, and drive to get going can be a challenge.

To help you get over the barriers keeping you from learning new skills in the new year, we’ve provided three ways to overcome barriers and invest in yourself,  to help you continue along your path in lifelong learning.

“I don’t know where to start.

Hauver advises that a good way to kick off your professional development is to start by being curious and asking a few simple questions to help focus your direction.

“I think first and foremost, everyone should be asking themselves, ‘What does growth mean to me?’” she said. “That might mean different things for different people, but establishing what growth means to you and then finding out ways to pursue things that you’re passionate about is a great first step.”

With an idea in mind, asking further questions can help you lay out a plan of attack. Try asking

An image of a cup of coffee on a saucer on a brown table, surrounded by four question marks on pink, brown and white clouds.

yourself  these questions:

  • What courses should I be taking?
  • What’s happening in my profession?
  • What’s on the leading edge of my profession?
  • What matters to me?
  • What am I interested in?
  • Where do I want my career to go?

Once you have those questions answered, you can start to look for solutions that will help you find the right training that can take you to the next level.

“I don’t have the funds for learning.”

Budget constraints are a common silencer of our best intentions to up our professional game. But don’t worry. Even with little to no budget, professional development is possible.

One area ripe with growth because of the shift to digital is online learning.  The availability of quality programs, classes, webinars, workshops, boot camps and everything in between has exploded. A simple web search for training in almost any area from oil painting to data analytics can result in a myriad of courses – many of which, (like the Xtreme Talent Accelerator Program) are being offered for free.

“I don’t have the time.”

This is a tough one and should really rank above all other barriers in the category, as being starved for time is almost a seemingly universal trait, and nobody can make more time for you. Only you can make the decision to take the next step and take the time to invest in yourself.

Your employer might encourage you to gain skills to help you be more productive in your job. But what about the job you want to have in the future? Being proactive and making time to work towards learning the skills you need to do your job better, or reach your ultimate goal, is a decision that can pay off in the long run.

Thinking about learning a few new skills yourself? On the brink of 2022, take the opportunity to pay it forward to yourself in the New Year, by registering to join one of the upcoming free workshops available through the Xtreme Talent Accelerator Program.

These free, industry-led workshops are designed to help you build the skills you need to start or advance a rewarding career that you want and deserve.  All you need to do is to take action now.

To learn more about all the free workshops available through XTAP and to apply – visit the website at

Nov 4, 2021

Randy Gaudreau's headshot

5 mins | 750 words
By: Randy Gaudreau

There’s no doubt that in a dynamic industry like tech, having leading-edge knowledge and skills in your toolkit helps to open doors.

But for many, getting the skills and credentials needed to enter the ever-evolving tech world or to keep up with the competition takes time and resources they simply don’t have.

Profile image of Natalie MacArthur, Director, Talent Strategy, Invest Ottawa

Natalie MacArthur, Director, Talent Strategy, Invest Ottawa

“Ottawa has a significant gap for tech talent,” said Natalie MacArthur, Director of Talent Strategy for Invest Ottawa.

“We saw the opportunity to build a program that would address two challenges at once. By helping those looking to enter tech get access to skills development resources and career opportunities, we’re helping to build Ottawa’s tech talent capacity.”

The Xtreme Talent Accelerator Program (XTAP) was designed to begin to tear down barriers keeping anyone from building or strengthening a career in tech. With workshops and career services being offered cost-free, it provided participants with the skills and credentials they needed to earn their way in and build a thriving career in the tech world.

“There are many barriers to entering the tech workforce”, said Rita Alma, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategist at Invest Ottawa. “And the challenge is further magnified for those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, and people who are underrepresented in the tech industry, such as racialized and Indigenous people, women, 2SLGBTQ+ folks and people with disabilities.”

Costs are unaffordable

“The idea of adding another ten thousand dollars to an already terrifying amount of student debt was terrifying. XTAP is like a dream come true and an answer to all my problems.”

The costs associated with acquiring new skills alone can be overwhelming. And for many, the thought of taking new loans to get the required education to enter the tech workforce just isn’t a reality.

A profile image of Xtreme Accelerator Program applicant Stuart Anoya, who's smiling wearing a blazer and a purple shirt.

Stewart Anoya

XTAP participant and elementary teacher Stewart Anoya grew up in a socially and economically marginalized neighbourhood in Toronto. For him, the free workshops and career support available through XTAP was the opportunity he needed to justify the jump into tech he always wanted to make.

“I’m an elementary teacher who is incredibly passionate about my job and has always loved tech,” he wrote. “I was constantly looking for ways to incorporate the two, however, the financial instability and inconsistency of work have been huge barriers in my teaching career.

“The idea of adding another ten thousand dollars to an already terrifying amount of student debt was terrifying,” he added. “XTAP is like a dream come true and an answer to all my problems. The combination of tech learnings and career advice will surely aid me in pivoting my career and entering the tech field.”

Non-Canadian experience and credentials aren’t recognized

A profile image of Xtreme Talent Accelerator Program Applicant applicant Shivanand Solomon

Shivanand Solomon

For others who immigrated to Canada like Shivanand Solomon, the barriers to finding work in the industry lie mostly in having their skills recognized by Canadian employers. As a tech worker who came to Canada with an existing education, XTAP helped him prove to employers that he has the skills needed to join the Canadian workforce.

“I find that the education I had prior to entering Canada doesn’t count for much in the eyes of Canadian employers,” he said. “Only having survival jobs since immigrating to Canada hasn’t really helped in proving to employers that I have the right combination of skills and experience.

“XTAP carries merit and will give my skillset and resume the validation I think it needs,” he said.

A difficult space to navigate

“I was told that engineering is for boys. It wasn’t until last year that I believed there was a space for me in tech.”

For women looking to join the tech workforce, negative stereotypes commonly prevent them from thinking a career in tech is a possible reality.

An XTAP participant who wanted to remain anonymous in sharing their testimonial wrote that XTAP provided her with a realistic pathway into the tech world, and a solid alternative to taking a do-it-yourself, self-taught approach to learning tech skills.

“[Learning] a new subject on my own is quite challenging – especially with no guidance, no road map or outline,” she wrote. “XTAP would be a great solution to this problem. Its structured curriculum would help challenge and motivate me.”

“Personally, as a woman in tech,” she added, “I don’t have any females in my immediate network that I can reach out to. It’s a difficult space to navigate without guidance, but that’s also been a great motivator for me in succeeding with this career pivot.”

“When I wanted to apply for engineering, I was told that it’s for boys,” she continued. “It wasn’t until last year that I believed there was a space for me in tech. I’m very eager to join XTAP and learn from knowledgeable professionals.”

About XTAP

The Xtreme Talent Accelerator Program (XTAP) helps reskill and upskill Ontario’s workforce and prepares them to seize opportunities in the tech world through fully-funded industry-led workshops and career development support.

If you’re looking to take advantage of XTAP’s free workshops and career support, there are still workshops you can apply to.  To stay informed about all available XTAP workshops keep an eye on:

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Oct 26, 2021

Welcome to Invest Ottawa’s Taking Root segment.

Each month, this reoccurring article will highlight a driven tech or business professional who took advantage of Invest Ottawa’s talent program and successfully landed a role at a star technology company in Canada’s capital city! Through Taking Root, you’ll learn the ins and outs of their new position and hear firsthand what it’s like to relocate to Ottawa.

Brooke Harrison profile picture

4 mins | 610 words
By: Brooke Harrison

Kazi Ahmed is highly educated in electrical engineering, with two degrees and a teaching background, he landed an R&D role in this field post-graduation. But he always had a passion for software development…  

For many individuals, the pandemic put a pause on attending networking events and seeking opportunities to make industry connections, but Kazi was not one of those people. A fated LinkedIn message from an Invest Ottawa talent sourcer led Kazi to attend Ottawa’s virtual Global 5G & ICT Career Fair this past June. The result? A few months later Kazi received two job offers from Ericsson, one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology to service providers around the globe.  

Read on to learn how Kazi made the career transition to developer, landed a role at Ericsson and is now relocating from Calgary to Ottawa. 

What has been your career path so far? 

I started my work in tech by first getting my bachelor’s degree at the Islamic University of Technology where I studied Electrical Engineering, researching wireless communication and physical layers. Once completing my degree, I decided to make the move to Canada to start my master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Manitoba. Here, I continued my research on wireless communication. After graduating I started a role at OrbSurgical as an electrical engineer. However, I was still passionate about finding a position in wireless communications and telecommunications.  

How did you end up landing your current role at Ericsson? 

It was synchronistic, a talent sourcer from Invest Ottawa reached out to me on Linkedin inviting me to a virtual career fair Invest Ottawa was hosting. When looking into it I found Ericsson was attending along with a few other impressive tech companies. Since I was looking to make the transition to a role in wireless communication, I sent off my resume to the companies attending the fair. This was my first virtual job fair, so I didn’t know what to expect! 

Developer Kazi Ahmed stands with his arms crossed in front of a light blue lake amidst misty mountains.

Following sending off my resume I received an email requesting me to book a meeting with an Ericsson talent sourcer during the career fair. The conversation went great, and I was happy to learn more about the company and the amazing work they are doing. During the conversation, they gave me tips on how to apply for positions with the company such as resume style, cover letter content and flagged a few positions they thought I should apply for. 

After applying I ended up connecting with two managers from various departments. Upon completing a few rounds of interviews with each manager I was offered two positions! It was a dream come true, I was able to pick between the two based on my interest and am happy to say I am now a software developer! 

After that job fair, I told all my friends – “sign up for any job fair you see you never know what can come out of it!”  

Are you excited about making the move to Ottawa?  

Making the move from Calgary to Ottawa is extremely exciting! I’m most looking forward to getting to know the city and experiencing all the amazing things it has to offer. I’ve heard that Ottawa is an up-and-coming tech hub so I believe this move will benefit my career in the long run. I see myself staying in Ottawa for the long term. It looks like a great place to build my career and my life! 

What is your vision for your career moving forward? 

I’m very new in software development, so I plan on building my career for the next few years. I see myself working at Ericsson for the long term. I want to take advantage of my new position; I know this is an amazing opportunity and I want to grab hold of any experiences I can. 

Did you miss out on our last career fair? Join our talent pool to receive an invite straight to your mailbox.  

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Oct 26, 2021

Brooke Harrison profile picture

7 mins | 1150 words
By: Brooke Harrison

Looking for a career where you can feel supported, push boundaries, and innovate daily? Then the flourishing Ottawa tech community is where you want to be.

This month we’re highlighting ten amazing startups in health technology, cyber security, entertainment, logistics, and virtual reality.  

Take the first step towards a fulfilling career. Apply today! 

1. BlueWave-ai 

What it does: 

Are you passionate about the environment and creating reliable green energy sources? Through its AI-enabled platform, BlueWave-ai optimizes the operation of smart grids, microgrids, and electric vehicle charging stations. The company’s goal is to realize a world powered by renewable energy sources. In March 2021 BlueWave-ai won the Start Up Energy Transition Award for working on impactful ideas affecting global energy transition and climate change. 

The perks: 

Working at BlueWave-ai, you’ll be surrounded by passionate team members who know they are making a difference. You’ll also be rewarded for your hard work with a competitive salary, career growth opportunity and the ability to work from home. 

Current job openings: 

Machine Learning ScientistBackend Cloud Software DeveloperData Engineering Platform DeveloperSenior Frontend WebApp Developer and Quality Assurance Specialist.  


2. CANImmunize 

What it does: 

Interested in working on innovative health technologies? Specializing in immunization software, CANImmunize is streamlining the tracking of Canadian’s immunization records with its mobile app and web portal. The organization is also working closely with businesses, health care organizations and governments to help track the COVID-19 vaccine rollout 

The perks: 

The team at CANImmunize enjoys ample opportunity for growth, personal development budgets, remote work, state-of-the-art tech-stacks, profit sharing and the knowledge they’re making a difference.   

Current job openings: 

Customer Success SpecialistCustomer Success Specialist (Part-time)Full-Stack EngineerFull-Stack Engineer (Co-op)Quality Assurance AnalystQuality Assurance LeadSenior Full-Stack EngineerSenior Project ManagerAccount Executive, Business Development Representative 


3. DLS Technology Corporation 

What it does: 

Ottawa’s DLS Technology Corporation provides top tech solutions and services to businesses in public and private sectors in the areas of cyber security, cloud computing, mobility and more! The organization also has an extensive cybersecurity research and development practice. 

The perks: 

As an employee of DLS Technology, you’ll work in a fast paced high-growth environment offering tremendous learning and advancement potential! On top of this, DLS offers a competitive compensation package with vacation time, health care benefits, and a fun workplace culture. 

Current job openings: 

Business Operations SpecialistJunior Network Administrator  


4. Gadget  

 What it does: 

Gadget is a developer productivity company. Its platform allows developers to build, run and scale their software in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional tooling, without compromising on control and functionality. Gadget rids the developer of complicated and repetitive tasks, freeing them up to focus on important stuff that’s unique to their application.

The perks:  

As the organization is a big believer in office culture and the environment it creates, the team at Gadget enjoys a beautiful office in Chinatown. As an employee, you’ll also enjoy competitive salaries, stock options, lunches, snacks and much more! 

Current job openings: 

Head of DesignFull Stack EngineerDeveloper Advocate  


5. GoFor  

What it does:  

Known as a last mile logistics force, GoFor helps customers receive last-minute orders through its just-in-time delivery services. The company helps North American businesses of all sizes get products to customers as fast as possible. With a three-year revenue growth of 3,744%, the organization recently ranked 10th  in this year’s Globe and Mail rankings of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. 

The perks: 

GoFor makes sure to take care of its team, offering employee stock options, remote work, flexible health benefits, competitive salaries, and a transparent and collaborative work environment.  

Current job openings: 

Logistics Success ManagerProduct Owner, Regional Account Executive 


6. iSi LIVE 

What it does: 

Help create seamless webcasting with the team at iSi LIVE. A veteran in this space, iSi LIVE has specialized in live and archived webcasting services for governments, NGO’s and corporations since 1997. The organization works with clients like the Government of Canada, Prince Edward Island, and the city of Penticton. 

The perks: 

iSi LIVE offers employees great benefits such as Health, Vision, Parental Leave, Dental, RRSP, and flexible time off. The organization boasts a supportive, team-focused environment where you can grow your career! 

Current job openings: 

Sales Executive, Dev/Ops Engineer, Channel Sales Executive  


7. Lim Geomatics 

What it does: 

Lim Geomatics is a leader in geospatial technology which, in simple terms, is the technology that allows for geographic mapping through satellites. Founded in 2006, the organization is a software and consulting company that leverages this technology to create geospatial products and services. The organization’s products help solve complex problems in many industries such as: Agriculture, Environment, Forestry, Government, Oil & Gas, Information Technology and Military and Defence.  

The perks: 

Lim Geomatics invests in its team members, you will benefit from a full health and dental plan, competitive salary, and endless career growth opportunities.  

Current job openings: 

Sales Development RepresentativeAccount Manager ForestryWeb Developer IIMobile DeveloperProduct Marketing Specialist.NET Developer II. 


8. Masterpiece Studio 

What it does: 

Looking for a career where you can push boundaries, solve problems, and tap into your creativity? Masterpiece Studio may be calling your name! Through the power of virtual reality and machine learning, this startup makes it possible for creative professionals to adapt their 2D skills into 3D. It recently released a complete virtual reality 3D creative suite.  

The perks: 

Masterpiece Studio has a small but mighty team, meaning you will have plenty of opportunity to grow and experience different areas of interest. Employees also enjoy health benefits, competitive salaries, and a positive work environment. 

Current job openings: 

BI Analyst 


9. Noibu 

What it does: 

This Ottawa-based startup is taking the eCommerce world by storm. Through its error monitoring platform, Noibu aids companies in preventing lost revenue and detecting errors that may otherwise go unnoticed. It recently was named one of Ottawa’s fastest growing companies. 

The perks: 

As a Noibu employee you will benefit from unlimited vacation, health, wellness & dental benefits, healthy food & snacks, work from home options and endless opportunities to learn and grow in your career. 

Current job openings: 

Customer Success ManagerBusiness Development RepresentativeFront End Angular DeveloperAccounts Receivable ClerkDirector of FinanceTalent Acquisition SpecialistSenior Product Manager, Enterprise Account Executive 


10. SparkPath  

What it does: 

Want to inspire the next generation of leaders? Join the team at SparkPath who are on a mission to help gifted youth explore their true potential, prepare for the college of their dreams, and land an extraordinary career. The startup inspires youth through engaging them in innovative programs, coaching and career tools. It has worked with 1800+ students so far and 100+ schools. SparkPath products have been used by institutions like University of Waterloo, Western University, and the University of Miami to name a few.   

The perks: 

Employees of SparkPath benefit from knowing they’re impacting the lives of talented youth. They also receive competitive salaries, and the opportunity to work on multiple projects on the ground floor of a startup.  

Current job openings: 

Community Coordinator  

Oct 22, 2021

Randy Gaudreau's headshot

5 mins | 750 words
By: Randy Gaudreau

In these digital times, so much data is readily available that can be gathered, cleaned, organized and analyzed to inform business decisions. The availability of data comes in from everywhere, from recruitment platforms and surveys to learning management systems and CRMs.

For HR professionals, this access to data means they no longer have to make HR decisions purely on gut instinct alone. In fact, over the past five years, the number of HR professionals with data analysis skills has jumped over 240 per cent.

While data is adding more skills to the toolkit of HR professionals, it’s also adding opportunities to stand out as well. With an added emphasis on attracting and retaining talent during these pandemic times of increased mobility, it has earned them a seat at the table, using data to help support and strengthen organizations from the inside out.

All of this makes it a time of great opportunities for HR professionals to shine and add value to their organization. But to be ready for these opportunities, HR professionals will need strong data to back up their recommendations. And knowing how to gather, organize, analyze, and relay the data will be key.

For the HR professionals thinking this might be the best time for boosting their analysis skills:

Here are four reasons why HR professionals should take their data skills to the next level:

1. Earn a seat at the boardroom table

Data and metrics are a universal language that reaches into all areas of an organization, making it a common ground for leaders across different departments who often share the same set of goals they’re working to achieve.

Having a strong data mindset and analytical skills is a great way for HR Professionals to “earn trust and credibility” with leaders in other departments working to reach the same set of common organizational goals, according to Heidi Hauver, Vice President of Talent Strategy and HR for Invest Ottawa.

2. Master using tools to make a stronger case

Every HR professional has undoubtedly crossed paths with Excel. But knowing how to effectively and efficiently work with the program to end up with the type of information you’re looking for can take next-level skills. This includes the ability to clean and organize data.

“Having clear, easy to understand data is what sets you up to actually be able to analyze the data, and helps provide your organization with relevant, actionable insight”, explains Caroline Lauder, Lighthouse Labs’s Association Channel Manager.

3. Make data understandable to support recommendations

With clean, organized data captured, the next step for the HR professional is to then share what they’ve analyzed by presenting insights, trends and patterns, articulating the findings and often making a data-driven recommendation. But what happens when not everyone understands data?

As important as insights and data are, finding a way to present the information in a way that makes sense is equally important. Knowing how to use visualization tools like Tableau or Power BI, can help relay complex information in a simple, clear visual format to someone who might have a harder time understanding data, further strengthening your recommendations.

4. Make data-driven decisions

All the data in the world won’t help your organization if it isn’t put to work.

“I think too often, we in organizations have this data that sits there, and nobody actually utilizes it to make sound business decisions,” Heidi said.

“It’s got to be beyond saying, ‘I feel really strongly about this,’” she adds. “There’s nothing worse than going to a CEO and asking them to go to the virtual well for something to launch a program when you’ve got nothing quantitative to prove that there’s even a problem or puzzle to solve. No one at the executive level makes any decisions without data.”


Are you ready to make stronger data-based decisions? Here’s a workshop that could help get you started:

Data Analytics for HR 101 is delivered by Lighthouse Labs in partnership with Invest Ottawa’s Xtreme Talent Accelerator Program (XTAP) which sets out to equip HR professionals with data skills to help them in their role.

This workshop gives you as an HR professional a real professional development opportunity of your own to level up your data analysis skills and help you better collect, clean, analyze and visualize data using Excel and Tableau – to make better data-driven decisions.

And since it’s available part-time, it is flexible and feasible for busy HR professionals who already have a lot of commitments at work and at home.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Download the brochure to learn more about the part-time Data HR 101 program – and be sure to apply before the deadline of November 14th.