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Sep 26, 2022
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By: Randy Gaudreau

Home to one of North America’s most active and bustling technology communities, Ottawa isn’t short on innovative companies making headlines in the news and turning heads around the industry.

Every month in our Trending in Tech blog series, we shine the spotlight on tech companies in Ottawa that are growing and creating new opportunities for tech talent looking to take the next step in their career.

This month, we’re showcasing Solink, which recently landed a spot on the inaugural Team True North list – a list of the top-performing companies in Canada. And their growth is creating new opportunities to join their team.

So, continue below for an introduction from Solink itself – and learn about what its technology sets out to do, and get the inside track on opportunities you can apply for to join the team.

  • What does Solink do?

Solink is the leader in video security for businesses of all sizes. Solink’s hardware and software is purpose-built for business owners, IT and security teams. Solink integrates with over 200 solutions to help give visibility into business.

With over 12,000 customer locations in 15 countries, Solink helps provide customers of all sizes with peace of mind for their security and operations. Solink has built a reputation as a trusted partner that solves real business problems for many of the world’s most respected brands.

  • Can you tell us a bit about the company’s growth?

    The Solink team having fun, dressed in bright colours in a team building event.

Solink has grown significantly over the last two years. We have almost 200 employees working with us to solve some of the biggest challenges in cloud video security. Our growth has been strategic and responsible—we hire the right people at the right time, for the right reasons.

Our employee growth matches our customer growth to ensure our clients and customers continue to be delighted by receiving excellent service in all areas of our business. Over the last quarter, we have focused our growth in the following departments.

  • Our Customer Care Heroes put their capes on for our customers, resolving all their technical and troubleshooting needs, and always with a smile.
  • Our R&D magicians continue to make the magic happen by reinforcing our infrastructure, releasing new features, and solving the most challenging data and integration problems.
  • Our Sales and Success staff tirelessly build relationships within our fabulous ecosystem. They provide value to our customers and partners by being trusted advisors.

How to join the Solink team

  • How can someone join the Solink team?

We suggest all interested candidates please visit the Solink Careers page.

  • What can talent bring to the table?

Each new Solinkian brings a fresh perspective, new skillset, experience and knowledge that allows us to do better each and every day. We are tackling challenging problems and seeking folks that are passionate about getting to the root cause, implementing efficiencies and making a difference.

  • What do you look for in a candidate looking to join the Solink team

We look for people who have a passion for customer service. No matter the role, everything goes back to serving our customers with excellence. Successful candidates have the drive to do better, and to be better.

Solink team members celebrate together at a team event.

We look for candidates who aren’t afraid to embark on a new adventure and embrace challenges. Curious folks who think outside the box and question the status quo, who are lifelong learners and are excited to evolve their knowledge and skill sets do well at Solink.

We hunt for people who are passionate, collaborative problem solvers with a positive energy.

  • Are there particular tech skills that are in demand at Solink? 

Solink is currently looking for candidates with talent and passion using JavaScript and JavaScript Frameworks (React, Typescript, and Node) and those with experience with troubleshooting, managing and resolving tickets using email, phone, and live chat through our internal ticketing systems (Zendesk, Jira, and Confluence).

  • Can you list a few key reasons tech talent will want to work with Solink?

  • Solink is the people, product and culture—there’s a lot more to this than just the words too.
  • We offer the opportunity to grow professionally and individually
  • Everyone gets to  make a significant impact with our daily contributions
  • We are not just a number here. We have a voice and will be heard. We are encouraged to share our ideas, suggestions and concerns and to bring them to reality.
  • We are a supportive community that doesn’t end at the Solink walls—it extends to our partners, clients and customers
  • We win together, lose together and learn.  We continually strive to level
    one another up.
  • We bring our authentic selves to work each and every day.
  • We offer great benefits and fabulous compensation packages.

We’re looking for positive solutions-based problem solvers who can think on their feet, deliver high-quality customer service with patience and empathy and are hungry to improve on the status quo. As a key member of our Customer Support Team, you will manage relationships with our customers and ensure they’re happy with the Solink product and services.

This is a customer-facing role, so we’re looking for employees with exceptional communication skills and people with smiles that we can “hear” on the other end of the phone. Are you a people person that enjoys helping others and solving problems? Then we’d like to hear from you!

Assistant Controller

The Solink team enjoying the perks of the office by playing volleyball outside in the summer.

The Assistant Controller at Solink is a position that is both challenging and rewarding.

We are searching for a charismatic person who has strong analytical, technology, communication and organizational skills.  In this role, you will support the Controller by examining and analyzing the accounting records of Solink.

You will be responsible for ensuring accuracy in data and reporting and assisting with month-end and year-end processes, among other duties.

We’re looking for a passionate and creative JavaScript Developer who is proficient with React.js. You’ll create a functional and inspiring design experience that helps users interface with billions of events a day.

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Sep 23, 2022

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By: Randy Gaudreau

Regardless if you’re a fan of pumpkin spice or not, October can be an absolutely stunning time of year in Ottawa, whether you’re taking in the fall colours on a hike, or working away in a local café on a rainy day.

If you’re working on finding your next role in tech, check out the October edition of our 10 Ottawa tech companies with job openings list, which features open roles with a wide range of growing companies here in Ottawa.

Continue below to learn about these companies, and find a rewarding role that will take your tech career to the next level.


What it does:

ADVA was founded with the mission of transporting data, storage, voice and video signals with the lowest latency possible. Today, its hardware and software solutions are used to transport data in markets around the world.

Recently, ADVA introduced its FSP 150-X0106, a new 10G edge device for outdoor environments that allows communication service providers to deliver 10Gbit per second services in challenging environments, thanks to its compact, temperature-hardened design that doesn’t require a cabinet or cooling system.

The perks:

ADVA employees enjoy a flexible, diverse and casual work environment, and the company offers a suite of comprehensive wellness programs, a competitive salary, and equal opportunities for professional development and advancement opportunities.

Current job openings:

NPI-LCE Senior Test Engineer, Principal Packaging Engineer (M/F/D), R&D Engineer Optics, Hardware Engineer and more.

2. Assent

What it does:

Assent helps empower companies with its SaaS supply chain data management solution. The organization works towards providing its clients with transparency, traceability and a true understanding of their supply chain data. The company recently announced a $350 million USD investment to expand its global footprint in supply chain sustainability management.

The perks: 

Employees of Assent benefit from a competitive salary, health and well-being program, personal and professional growth program, flexible work arrangements, health benefits and a supportive and fun environment.

Current job openings:

Senior Software Developer, Principal Product Designer, Product Trainer and more.


3. Gastops

What it does:

Gastops is an Ottawa-based critical equipment intelligence technology company dedicated to providing equipment health management solutions for the aviation, energy, marine, industrial and transportation industries.

The perks:

Gastops offers employee ownership options to team members, as well as performance-based bonuses and industry-standard medical and dental benefits. It also emphasizes professional development as a perk, as it offers dozens of training courses for employees annually and encourages employees to have a say in the company by empowering them to pitch ideas on the future of the company to a quarterly innovation committee.

Current job openings:

Optics Scientist, Jr. Test Engineer, Sr. Test Engineer, Production Technician – and more.


4. Invert

What it does:

Ottawa-based Invert aims to provide individuals and businesses with the tools, information, and insight they need to make a meaningful impact on climate change.  It helps individuals and business clients to reduce their carbon footprint through emissions reduction strategies while helping to offset emissions by investing in projects that produce high-quality carbon reduction and removal credits.

The perks:

Along with the satisfaction of working to help drive positive environmental change, Invert offers a flexible environment and offers a compensation package that offers equity participation in addition to salary and performance-based rewards.

Current job openings:

Intermediate Software Developer, Director, Sales, Software Tester/QA and more.


5. Iversoft

What it does:

Iversoft is a software development company providing organizations with expert mobile app and web development services that help them adapt to the digital world. Iversoft is a mobile-first, process-driven digital consultancy partner for companies looking to solve challenges through data-driven strategy and technology solutions.

The perks:

Iversoft offers remote work options for team members, flexible hours, and an optional compressed 4-day workweek. It also acknowledges that work calls often come with background characters, and highlights family and pet-friendly calls as a perk, (see their Iversoft Pets page). Medical and dental benefits are also included along with a health care spending account and bi-weekly socials.

Current job openings:

Android Developer, Senior Android Developer, Technical Project Lead and more. 


6. RBR

What it does:

Headquartered in Ottawa with offices around the world, RBR designs and builds oceanographic instruments and sensors to track water parameters such as temperature, depth, salinity, pH, and more.  Its list of customers includes NASA, the British Antarctic Survey, the Norwegian Polar Institute, the UK’s National Oceanographic Centre, Germany’s GEOMAR, CNRS in France, Australia’s CSIRO, and universities worldwide.

The perks:

RBR highlights a list of benefits on its careers page that includes 20 days annual vacation, RRSP contribution matching, fitness reimbursement programs, and charitable donation matching. Along with a greener commuting incentive program and an electric vehicle incentive up to $10,000, it also awards a quarterly performance bonus, a comprehensive healthcare plan, and company-wide catered lunches every Friday.

Current job openings:

Java Developer, Systems Engineer, Buyer, Firmware Engineer, and more.


7. Red Canari

What it does:

Trusted to work on sensitive, classified projects for key government departments and agencies, as well as the military, Red Canari specializes in helping clients to identify hard-to-find vulnerabilities through advanced security assessments and penetration testing, making it much more than an average cybersecurity firm. Its research-driven team works to pioneer solutions that increase cyber resiliency for key organizations in aviation, financial services, energy, and health care and more.

The perks:

As an employee of Red Canari, you’ll be rewarded with a culture offering flexible hours, work-from-home/remote options, and monthly health and wellness initiatives. The benefits package for Red Canari employees includes stock options, a competitive salary, performance-based incentives and bonuses, and also includes an annual professional development fund and comprehensive health and dental plan.

Red Canari also offers a generous time off package including public holidays and vacation leave, an annual two-week shutdown in December and the understandably very popular #RedCanariSummerFriYays campaign (featuring Fridays off during July and August).

Current job openings:

Red Team Operator, Business Development Associates


8. Syntronic

What it does:

Syntronic is a leading telecommunications design house that works with leading tech companies to take an idea from its initial concept to a successful cutting-edge product. They assist through research and development, product introduction, production and aftermarket research.

The perks:

Syntronic values its employees and shows that through a robust compensation package. As a Syntronic team member, you will receive 4 weeks of holidays, health and wellness benefits, and matched RRSP contributions. Employees also benefit from constant career growth opportunities and a positive company culture that provides a flexible work environment.

Current job openings:

Senior ASIC DeveloperIntermediate Digital Hardware Designer, Embedded Software Security Architect, Cloud Software Engineer, C++ Software Developer, and more.


9. TutorOcean

What it does:

TutorOcean is a global tutoring marketplace giving learners the ability to connect to tutors anytime, anywhere. Through TutorOcean’s intuitive interactive digital classroom, collaborative whiteboard technology and live video solutions – vetted tutors are able to help learners achieve their goals at their own pace, in a digital environment that moves beyond the broadcast style delivery, providing learners with an interactive and engaging, student-centric solution.

The Perks:

TutorOcean provides employees with a team-oriented, flexible and supportive environment where they’re encouraged to grow their skills in helping the company deliver long-term, positive impact to its clients. Benefits include health and dental benefits.

Current Job Openings:

Customer Success Associate, UX/UI Designer, Software Engineer – Mobile Apps, Software Engineer – Full Stack and more.


10. Vigilant AI

What it does:

Vigilant AI is a leading-edge software development company providing clients with supercharged financial and business data analysis. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, Vigilant AI can help clients to identify cost recovery opportunities and business inefficiencies in a matter of days, instead of months.

The Perks:  Members of the enthusiastic and talented team at this fast-growing company have remote work options, and are supported in maintaining a strong work-life balance.

Current job openings:

Full Stack Developer, Lead Data Architect, Quality Assurance Engineer, UI/UX Engineer and more.

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Aug 26, 2022

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Home to one of North America’s most active and bustling technology communities, Ottawa isn’t short on innovative companies making headlines in the news and turning heads around the technology industry – and we love celebrating this.

Every month in our Trending in Tech blog series, we shine the spotlight on tech companies in Ottawa that are growing and creating new opportunities for tech talent.

This month, we’re showcasing Evidence Partners which recently completed a $20 million financing round to accelerate its growth during a period filled with great opportunities for the company.

Continue below for an introduction to Evidence Partners courtesy of Bob Barclay, Vice President of Human Resources – and learn what its technology sets out to do, and get the inside track on how to apply for opportunities to join the team – and three great reasons why you’ll want to.

What does Evidence Partners do?

Evidence Partners is the world leader in AI-enabled literature review automation software. Evidence Partner’s core SaaS product, DistillerSR, automates systemic literature reviews for more than 300 of the world’s leading research organizations, including more than 60 percent of the largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Whether an organization produces pharmaceuticals, develops medical devices, or it is an academic institution or scientific regulatory body, systemic literature reviews are a critical part of their work. Expert researchers at these organizations study scientific literature to answer questions like, “is our medical device safe?” or, “is there any evidence that the economic benefit of our product has changed?” or, “what is the safe level of a chemical in the environment?”

Logo for Evidence Partners The work of these research teams has become increasingly difficult for two key reasons. First, new scientific research is published daily, which could change the understanding of the use, efficacy, or economic impact of a drug or device. Second, the regulatory demands on these organizations are always increasing.

For example, the European Union’s Medical Device Regulation introduced in 2017 has significantly increased the regulatory oversight of medical devices that are used in the European Union. Not only is there more research to review – the regulators are also insisting that submissions be auditable and reproducible.

These dual pressures mean that research organizations need to change how they operate in order to keep up with the workload and quality demands of their literature review function.

Evidence Partners is leading the way in helping its customers manage these pressures. DistillerSR allows users to securely produce transparent, audit-ready, and regulatory-compliant literature reviews faster and more accurately than any other method.

Can you tell us a bit about the company’s growth?

The company has grown continuously, year-over-year since its inception in 2008, despite remaining self-funded until its first external financing in the summer of 2022. The company has been on a scale-up trajectory since 2016 and continues to hit aggressive growth targets.

The firm’s core product, DistillerSR, continues to be adopted by new research organizations while also expanding its footprint within existing customers.

What does the fresh capital provided by the recent $20 million financing round mean for Evidence Partners?

Evidence Partners is the market creator for literature review automation software and is currently the market leader in this rapidly expanding and evolving space. The firm understands that now is the time to invest in the growth of the company by doubling down on product innovation and go-to-market initiatives. This means accelerating hiring across the organization including product, engineering, sales, marketing and customer success. The newly raised capital will be used to fuel accelerated growth.

How to join the Evidence Partners team

What do you look for in a candidate looking to join the Evidence Partners team?

DistillerSR is changing the way scientific research is conducted. That means safer medical products, more accessible and cost-effective medicine, and more informed public policy decisions. In short, better research benefits us all. Imagine how that can change our collective future.

Cultural fit: EP is looking for people who are excited and energized to make a difference in how health research is conducted and delivered.

Curiosity and Intelligence: EP’s customers are highly educated people doing important work that benefits us all. Ideal EP team members are continually innovating to find ways to help our customers be more successful and effective in their day-to-work.


Are there particular tech skills that are in demand at Evidence Partners? Can you highlight a few open positions you’re currently hiring for?

Evidence Partners is growing on all fronts. Key technical skills in demand are Automation Engineer, Configuration Specialist, Senior Software Developer, Vendor Manager, Business Operations Engineer and many more. The team is growing and expanding in all departments including Customer Success, Business Operations, Software Development, Marketing, Sales, and more.


Can you highlight the best way for any interested applicants to apply?

We encourage candidates interested in growing with the EP Team to apply directly through the Evidence Partners website, under the Careers tab.

3 reasons tech talent will want to join the Evidence Partners team

1. Making a difference, for real

Evidence Partners is continuing to pioneer products that help research organizations bring life-changing health care products, policies, and guidance to market faster, more safely and more cost-effectively.

2. Culture

Evidence Partners is highly selective in its hiring process and intentional about providing a great work experience for its team members. The company encourages active participation from all employees in continuing to make its products better, its customers more successful, and the work environment welcoming and rewarding.

3. Startup excitement, mature company stability

While the company is continuing to grow rapidly, it does not subscribe to a “growth at all cost” mentality. The firm is run in such a way as to prevent the boom-bust cycles that many start-ups encounter.

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Aug 25, 2022

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September marks the official and unfortunate end of the summer months. But it can also mark the beginning of something great.

If you’re looking for a place to get started, the September edition of our 10 Ottawa tech companies with job openings list features open roles with companies ranging from interactive media development studios to video security solution providers – and so much more.

Start September off strong, by joining a team with a growing tech company here in Ottawa.

1. Abbott

What it does:

Founded over a century ago, Abbott Laboratories is a global company headquartered in Illinois employing over 110,000 around the world in 160 countries. Its focus is on creating products for the healthcare industry from diagnostics and medical devices to nutrition and branded generic pharmaceuticals.

In Canada, Abbott employs 1,500, with Ottawa’s Abbott Point of Care being home to the research and development and manufacturing operations for the i-STAT cartridge since 1984. The i-STAT system is an easy-to-use, advanced blood analyzer that quickly and accurately provides health care professionals with real-time, lab-quality results within minutes.

The perks:

Abbott highlights a culture driven by diversity and innovation and offers employees comprehensive health programs, workplace flexibility and benefits. Abbott also encourages and promotes employee growth through training, mentoring, tuition reimbursement and development programs.

Current job openings:

Director Operational Excellence, Abbott Point Of Care, Master Planner – Abbott Point of Care, Senior Manager – Integrated Cartridge Supply Chain, Abbott Point of Care and more.


2. CANImmunize

What it does:

CANImmunize specializes in immunization software and keeps a digital record of vaccinations for government, employers, health care workers and Canadians.

This fast-growing Ottawa-based startup built the first digital vaccination tracking tool in 2012, the CANImmunize app, a mobile app and web portal providing Canadians with access to their vaccination records and is internationally recognized by Heath Standards Organization and the World Health Organization’s Vaccine Safety Net.

The perks:

Employees of CANImmunize benefit from a work where you’re most productive” policy, and a high-energy, fast-paced environment, that provides opportunities to work with cutting-edge technology.

Current job openings:

Full-Stack Engineer, Senior Full-Stack Engineer, Director of Professional Services and more.



What it does:

Powered by AI technology, FundMore’s fully customizable loan servicing software aims to provide automated mortgage processing solutions that streamline and simplify the mortgage experience for lenders and for Canadians.  FundMore was chosen as a finalist for the Industry Service Provider of The Year Award 2021, a part of the annual Canadian Mortgage Awards recognizing outstanding achievements, best practices and leadership in the mortgage business.

The perks:

As a employee, you can work from anywhere in the world with a group of fun and dedicated colleagues. Employees also benefit from flexible hours while experiencing the fast-paced startup culture.

Current job openings:

Full-stack Software Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, QA Automation Engineer, Senior Data Scientist and more. View all positions and apply on their careers page.


4. Genomadix

What it does:

Genomadix is an Ottawa-based startup focused on producing molecular tests for infectious disease, precision medicine and water safety testing. Genomadix’s technology has a total of 2 million hours of R &D, 11 patents issued and 23 peer-reviewed scientific publications, after growing to a total of 37 employees in 2021, it is looking to invest in building its team further.

The perks:

As an employee of Genomadix, you will join a talented team in revolutionizing the world of medical diagnostics. You will receive benefits from day one, and be entitled to four weeks of vacation and 10 personal days per year.

Competitive benefits and wellness packages are also included in the employee perks, highlighting a wellness app that offers online counselling as well as other resources to help you with your day-to-day well-being. Goal-based incentives are also mentioned as perks, including bonuses, extra vacation time and free lunch.

Current job openings:

Senior Product Engineer,  Inside Sales Representative, and more.


5. Infinera

What it does:

California-based Infinera creates products to facilitate the high-speed transfer of information over optical networks. The company arrived in Ottawa in 2009, setting up its local R&D base with three employees, and since, Infinera has grown to become one of the company’s growing R&D departments.

Recently, Infinera introduced a new suite of XR Optics-powered Coherent pluggable solutions, enabling the company to create a completely new market.

The perks:

Infinera offers a workplace with highly educated colleagues, and strong diversity and inclusion values. Employees at Infinera will benefit from stock-purchasing plans, competitive salaries, and health and dental benefits.

Current job openings:

Principal Software QA Engineer, ASIC Engineers, Firmware Engineers and Architects, and more


6. Innovapost

What it does:

Innovapost is the technology arm of the Canada Post Group of Companies, which includes Canada Post, Purolator, and SCI Group. Operating the largest retail network and the biggest transportation fleet in Canada, the Canada Post Group of Companies delivers nearly 7 billion pieces of mail, parcels, and messages each year. Innovapost provides client-specific Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS), and business solution services exclusively within the Group and helps them deliver innovative solutions and value to Canadians.

The perks:

With offices in Ottawa, Mississauga, and Toronto, they employ a highly skilled workforce of 750 business and technical professionals. Their work transforms operations and modernizes business to meet the demands of the evolving mail, courier, and logistics industries. By joining Innovapost, you will be able to positively impact how Canadians deliver and receive their packages and mail.

Continuous improvement and focus in areas like Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, Environmental and Social Governance, and investment in a hybrid workplace, are just a few feathers in the cap for a company that was awarded IT World Canada’s 2022 Digital Transformation Award in Large Public Sector.

As technology evolves, Innovapost believes in investing in their High Performing Workforce with the Skills of Tomorrow through continuous learning and career growth. With access to learning platforms like Degreed, LinkedIn Leaning, Microsoft Enterprise Skills Initiative, and a Leadership Developmental Program, Innovapost enables employees to connect learning with skills and map skills to open opportunities.

Current job openings:

GIS Developer, Fullstack Developer (Angular/Java), DevOps Engineer, Site Reliability Specialist,  and more.


7. Lightship Security

What it does:

Lightship Security is an accredited Information Technology Security Evaluation and Testing (ITSET) laboratory helping companies to evaluate and certify their product quickly and thoroughly. Through its industry-first Greenlight Conformance Automation Platform, companies can perform a gap assessment to get visibility on what needs to be addressed before pursuing formal certification.

The perks:

As a leader in the IT Security certification space, Lightship Security knows its strongest asset is its people and is committed to providing in-house training to support the growth of team members. A certified Great Place to Work, Lighthouse Security also offers a flexible work schedule, work-from-home options, and company shutdowns over major holidays. A personalized health benefit plan, including extended health, dental and life insurance is offered to all employees starting from employment day 1.

Current job openings:

Senior Telecommunications Security Evaluator, Associate Security Tester and more.


8. Snowed in Studios

What it does:

Originally founded by a group of veterans from the video game industry in 2009, Snowed in Studios is a game and interactive media development studio. The company develops for a variety of platforms from consoles, mobile devices and tablets to proprietary hardware and highlights experience in developing interactive museum exhibits, touch/gesture-controlled software, training software, graphic visualizations and more.

The perks:

Recently recognized as one of the Top 10 Places to Work in Ottawa and one of the Best Places to Work in Canada by, joining the team means enjoying a variety of work, the opportunity to work on triple-A titles, a relaxed atmosphere and work-life balance.

Team members (Snowmies) are also offered a comprehensive befits package including dental care, health care, vision care, long-term disability, physio and massage coverage, as well as generous compensation, RRSP matching and employee stock purchase programs and financial assistance to help with relocation to Ottawa.  

Current job openings:

Senior Generalist Programmer, Intermediate Generalist Programmer, Game Engine Programmer and more.


9. T-Base Communications

What it does:

T-Base helps financial, telecom, healthcare, government, and education organizations to convert communication materials such as statements, documents and textbooks for accessibility into braille, large print, audio, and online accessible PDFs. The company also provides web accessibility audits as well as accessibility training.

Its single-source solution provides statements and documents in every alternate format from a single file, saving companies time and money, including a long list of Fortune 500 companies and leading educational institutions.

The perks:

T-base provides a customer-focused, innovative, challenging, and fun learning environment where you’ll have the opportunity to develop valuable skills. Being part of the T-base team also means you’ll have the opportunity to do rewarding work, making websites and mobile apps more accessible for all people.

Current job openings:

Processing Specialist, Full Stack Developer, Software Developer, Test Automation Specialist and more. For more details and to apply, visit their careers page.


10. WannLynx

What it does:

WannLynx’ technology gives gas stations and retailers a secure way to provide transactional engagement at payment terminals and at the pump. WannLynx provides customers with full control of what appears on their terminals, including at gas pump displays, POS systems, PIN pads and kiosks, providing an opportunity to include branding elements and targeted messaging, as well as advertisements, in-store promotions and even trivia and games to improve the customer’s experience and increase sales.

The perks:

At Wannlynx, you’ll have the chance to play an essential role as part of a small, motivated team working on cutting-edge work.

Current job openings:

Software Engineers, Azure Cloud Architects, Software Developers, and more. For more information on how to apply, visit their career page.

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Jul 27, 2022

1205 words | 7 minutes
By: Randy Gaudreau

As vehicles of all types continue to become more and more connected, they’re also becoming increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

While the focus of the mobile cybersecurity industry in recent years has centred on providing cloud-based services to the commercial automotive market, the needs of other industries such as marine are starting to emerge as they too look for safety solutions to help face the increased cybersecurity threat to their vessels and expensive cargo.

After proving its innovation for a self-healing real-time cybersecurity solution for cars and trucks, Akimbo Technologies is moving into a new, expanded location in Kanata’s Tech Park on August 1st to expand its footprint in Ottawa as it eyes new potential marine applications for its technology.

And it’s on the lookout for new team members who can help.

A unique “deep tech” solution with big scale-up potential

Logo for Akimbo Technologies - features a blue triangular A designDesigned originally for the automotive market, Akimbo Technology’s patented DEFENSA software detects, corrects, and heals cybersecurity threats in real-time, without needing a cloud connection or using machine learning or artificial intelligence.

DEFENSA is able to “heal” system cyberattacks without providing false positives or negatives – meaning it won’t raise any false alarms and it won’t flag that something is missing when it isn’t.

As Akimbo’s Chief Revenue Officer Rod Weir explains, being able to function in real-time without having to rely on a cloud connection is what makes DEFENSA unique as a “deep tech” solution for vehicle safety.

“I have done dozens of presentations around the world, and not one person has heard of our approach before, ever. So, we are innovative, and it’s very exciting,” Rod said.

“We have two patents with more to come.”

Discovering the opportunity of marine applications

Over the past two years, Akimbo Technologies has earned a track record with the federal government in providing solutions for the mobility industry.  In 2019, it signed a $1 million contract with Transport Canada and successfully delivered a prototype proving its patented concept for a self-healing, cybersecurity system for cars and trucks.

The Atlantic Enterprise vessel at sea

According to Rod, DEFENSA software can be added to existing vessels that are already in use on an inline appliance, making it an ideal and affordable way for commercial, search and rescue, and military vessels to add a layer of cybersecurity that can protect them in remote seas or in hostile environments.

But according to Rod, Akimbo soon after proved its technology could be useful beyond the automotive world.  After learning that marine vessels were feeling very exposed to cyberattacks and facing steep cybersecurity insurance premiums, Rod realized that Akimbo’s technology was well positioned to help address these emerging and pressing concerns.

“In the marine industry, this realization, this vulnerability, is just really coming to the front, and we are seeing ourselves as very well positioned,” he said.

“The network that’s in a ship is very similar to a network that’s in a car, so we ported it over,” he said. “That ability to go to an existing ship and add our solution to make it cyber resilient is novel and hugely compelling.”

Applying DEFENSA to marine vessels

As a result of doing a proof of concept demonstrating a marine use case, Akimbo Technologies was recently awarded another $1,000,000 contract, this time with the Canadian Department of National Defense. This shift in focus to marine applications is opening up new opportunities to fuel the growth of Akimbo and provide new opportunities for tech talent looking to help out.

“That particular project is really what’s driving our hiring right now, and that is what’s driven the addition of the two most recent people in Ottawa,” he said.

According to Rod, it’s all part of an overall realization of the importance of Canada’s marine management programs, pointing to the government’s recent commitment of an additional $2 billion as part of Canada’s Oceans Protections Plan to expand ocean protection and marine safety initiatives.

“The momentum in marine is unstoppable and it really drives the economy of the entire world,” he said. “Canada has a vested role to increase its marine programs, and we’re part of that wave. The true opportunity is global.”

And according to Rod, the need for a plug-and-play real-time cybersecurity solution for marine presents an incredible opportunity for the growing company.

They’re ready for it,” he said, “they’re needing it, and their ability to add it is there. So, we now are thinking, let’s go, let’s add the fuel we need. Let’s add the right people, and let’s go do it.”

If you’re interested in joining Akimbo Technologies in their mission to provide security and safety by design, we thought we’d include three more reasons to join the growing Akimbo Technologies team that came up during our interview.


Icon of a clipboard with three checkmarksJoin an innovative company on the starting line

Although Akimbo is currently a small team of seven, their big ideas have earned them two major contracts from the Department of Defense and Transport Canada, which Rod points out just shows the power of Akimbo’s innovation and the growth potential of the company.

“For governments to decide that our solution would warrant that from a relatively small team, that’s a pretty big testament,” Rod pointed out. “You could almost think of it like you’re on the starting line, waiting for the gun to go off. And I think for someone in tech, that would be exciting.”

Icon of a clipboard with three checkmarks

Work to develop embedded systems – not an app:

Part of the appeal for tech talent Rod says, is having the chance to work on and contribute to “patent-worthy” embedded systems that are taking novel approaches to solving real problems.

“There is nothing in the world that we’ve encountered yet that does what we do,” he said.  “And it’s not an app. It’s patent worthy. When we present it, we get accolades because it is novel, and decision-makers recognize it is needed.”

Icon of a clipboard with three checkmarks

Do work you can be proud of

Rod says that providing solutions that help military vessels in their marine operations provides a rare and unique opportunity to be proud of the work you’re contributing to with Akimbo.

“It’s a protection of those who are trying to protect us,” Rod explained. “And I think that’s pretty cool. We can protect the personnel, we can protect the asset, the vehicle that they’re in, and we can check whatever their cargo may be.”

“You don’t have to mumble when you’re at a cocktail party”, he added. “You can say, well, this is what I do. And I think you can be loud and proud on it because I think that we’re pursuing a very admirable goal.”


What makes a good fit? 

As far as key attributes that they’re looking for in candidates to join the team, Rod highlighted someone who’s excited at the idea of being part of innovation with a high potential startup, which comes with “an opportunity to be heard, and to innovate and invent rather than just deliver what you’re told.”

As far as technical requirements, he noted that previous experience working on real-time operating systems, “is a biggie” given Akimbo’s work in perfecting dynamic fault tolerance.

Currently Open Positions:

Embedded Software Developer, Embedded Software Test Engineer

Looking to join the Akimbo Technologies team in Ottawa? Keep an eye on their careers page.


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Jul 27, 2022

1211 words | 6 minutes
By: Randy Gaudreau

August officially marks a transition into the start of the second half of the year, making it a great time to start setting – and tackling, a few annual goals for your tech career.

Each month, we feature career-boosting roles in tech with companies in the Ottawa region that are growing and looking for talent like you. And August is here, bringing with it a new wave of rewarding positions, working on exciting projects with innovative companies in Ottawa.

Read on to find your next role in tech with companies focused on everything from robotics research and development to commuter planning and management platforms in our August edition of 10 Ottawa tech companies with job openings.

1. APX

What it does:

Founded in 2013, Advance Property eXposure, or APX is working to lead the digital revolution for fire departments in Canada and the United States. Using APX’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, municipal departments can quickly access relevant and accessible data they can use to develop tactical pre-incident plans including layouts, potential hazards and photos of key rooms and shut-off valves.

The perks:

A fun, people-oriented environment focused on growth, APX offers a competitive base pay package.

Current job openings: 

Account Executive, Software Developer

2. Crank Software

What it does:

Crank Software develops embedded graphical user interface (GUI) solutions, which are currently being used around the world by leading brands such as Coca-Cola, John Deere, Bosch, Nintendo and Vorwerk.  Its Storyboard interface system gives customers the ability to equip their products with a robust user interface, offering unparalleled graphics and voice and audio experiences without the need for complex programming.

The perks:

Crank Software provides its employees, (or Crankonauts) with competitive salaries, comprehensive health and dental benefits, a profit-sharing bonus plan, and flexible hours.

Current job openings: 

 Software Developer, Storyboard GUI Developer

3. Fusebill

What it does:

Fusebill offers a cloud-based platform helping companies to automate many manual accounting financial processes like invoicing, billing and secure collection of subscription revenue, helping them to improve customer experience and control many aspects of automated billing including frequency, upgrades, promos/discounts, subscription expiration, and more.

The perks:

Fusebill offers a competitive salary, benefits packages, RRSP matching programs and generous vacation time – and even highlights free beer as a perk on their careers page.

Current job openings: 

Developer, Account Executive – Outbound Sales, Business Development Representative, and more

4. InDro Robotics

What it does:

Operating in Ottawa from Area X. O, InDro Robotics is a Canadian leader in land, water and aerial robotics research and development. Having accumulated thousands of flight hours, InDro Robotics has a track record of collaborating with leading business and government organizations such as Transport Canada, Canadian Space Agency, NASA, Rogers Communications, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

The perks:

As an employee of InDro Robotics, you will have the freedom to grow professionally, and receive generous paid time off, a competitive salary plus profit sharing, and health benefits.

Current job openings:

Senior Engineer, Technologist – Network and Telecommunications, Business Development Manager and more. Learn more here.

5. Kinaxis

What it does:

Kinaxis provides cloud-based supply chain management (SCM) software and sales and operation solutions to multinational clients such as Ford and Unilever.  The company recently moved into its new 160,000-square-foot offices and is growing along with the increased demand from companies looking for supply chain solutions to help them efficiently plan, manage and operate their supply chain.

The perks:

Aside from an office that features a sound stage, a full-service cafeteria, fitness centre, rooftop patio, and even an arcade, Kinaxis offers a company bonus plan, employee share purchase plan, a comprehensive benefits package and competitive pay, as well as health and wellness and social programs.

Current job openings:

Technical Project Manager, UX Designer, SharePoint Administrator, and more

6. Knak

What it does:

Knak is an email and landing page creation platform used by some of the biggest companies in the world including Google, Triumph and DISH Network. Created with marketers in mind, Knak is a collaborative email and landing page creation platform that integrates with top marketing automation software and gives teams a no-code needed solution for collaboratively creating responsive, on-brand landing pages and emails.

The perks:

Voted as one of Ottawa’s Best Places to Work in 2021, Knak emphasizes work-life balance and offers comprehensive health coverage from day one, minimum of three weeks vacation, staff beach vacations for hitting goals, professional development budgets and company equity.

Current job openings: 

Graphic Design Lead, Product Manager, Demand Generation Manager and more

7. Lytica

What it does:

Lytica is a supply chain intelligence company providing insights into the electronic component market and is the world’s only provider of electronic component spend analytics and risk intelligence enabled by real customer data. Its SupplyLens Pro SaaS platform provides data and analysis to help clients build a better supply chain by reducing costs and mitigating risk.

The perks:

Lytica emphasizes professional growth as a top perk, highlighting the ability to work on cutting-edge AI, IP and Machine Learning. Lytica also offers a remote/hybrid work environment and features comprehensive benefits plans and salaries.

Current job openings: 

Lead Azure DevOps Engineer and more

8. Industrial Agency

What it does:

Industrial Agency is a digital workshop, providing web, mobile and graphics solutions for a range of clients, focusing on not-for-profit and association sectors including the Canadian Public Health Association, the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame and the Business Council of Canada. Specialists in providing data solutions, Industrial Agency is also responsible for developing the membership data platform,

The perks:

As a certified Great Place to Work in 2021, and 2022, Industrial Agency offers a competitive salary, comprehensive health benefits including programs extending to mental health, an annual stipend for fitness and professional development, progressive feedback, team-building, skills and career development, and peer-to-peer recognition practices.

Current job openings: 

UX Researcher and Designer, Project Manager, WordPress Developer and more

9. RideShark

What it does:

RideShark’s Unified Mobility platform aims to help governments, organizations and institutions to provide better, sustainable transportation options for stakeholders through an integrated commuter management solution within a single application. The platform’s Mobile as a Service (MaaS) technology gives commuters a complete portal for their daily transportation needs.

The perks:

RideShark offers competitive compensation rates, paid vacation, medical, dental, and extended health benefits as well as being remote-friendly and providing flexible working hours.

Current job openings: 

Front-End Developer, Mobile App Developer, Business Development Sales Manager

10. Tehama

What it does:

Tehama developed a next-generation Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platform to help companies create cloud-based virtual offices, rooms and desktops. Its software connects remote workers with critical and data-sensitive systems, with the ability to connect anywhere in the world. In 2020, Tehama tripled its revenues and landed US $10 Million in venture capital financing.

The perks:

As a Tehama employee, you can expect a competitive rewards program with an annual 30-day flexible PTO, annual self-directed learning budget, and competitive salaries and stock options. Employees also benefit from a flexible work environment, and annual wellness budget.

Current job openings: 

 Software Developer

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Jul 14, 2022

1010 words | 4 minutes
By: Tim Warland

There is a lot of hype about 5G networks. Some carriers claim to have the
fastest 5G network or the largest 5G network or 5G built right. But you probably don’t hear your peers talking about all the great things 5G is doing for them. So, is 5G real or hype? 

The answer is ‘yes’. 

You’ve likely heard the expression, “the future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed” and that’s the best way to explain the 5G rollout. Not in a geographical sense, as after all, one US carrier has 5G coverage for 250 million people, but rather, in a spectral and infrastructural sense.  

Radio Spectrum and Data Rates 

A spectrum auction is a process governments use to sell the rights to broadcast over specific frequency bands. 5G spectrum auctions have raised billions for the government. Spectrum rights are valuable because this spectrum controls access to users. In July of 2021, the Canadian federal government raised $8.9 billion auctioning spectrum for carriers (Bell, Rogers, Telus etc.) to use the 3500MHz frequency spectrum. The recently concluded C-Band auction in the U.S. raked in over $81 billion. There’s a lot of money at stake for frequency spectrum. 

5G antenna access is available in many cities and, from a user perspective, this translates to higher data rates. For example, one U.S. carrier is offering 5G ultra-wideband that significantly increases download speeds. So yes, 5G deployments are real. But there’s more to 5G than just the antenna and spectrum (and the phone for that matter). 

Internet of Things 

Less well-known is the release of a lower frequency spectrum circa 2016. This frequency is reserved almost exclusively for sensors or other Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Initially as part of the 4G deployments (as LTE-M) and now as part of the 5G deployment (as NB-IoT). It offers IoT connectivity across most of continental North America – which is great if you want to track a shipment of tomatoes across the country. But beyond coverage, it also offers incredible density.  

5G IoT can track up to one million devices in a square kilometre. That’s a lot of tomatoes! It is this LTE-M/ NB-IoT that allows some carriers to claim they have the largest network or the most coverage. They’re not wrong, it just doesn’t only apply to phones. 

Edge Computing 

True 5G connectivity and indeed the real power of 5G occurs when carriers deploy edge computing – essentially moving the power of cloud computing right next to your device to provide ultra-fast response times. Very few networks globally have a full 5G core enabled currently, but that will change in 2022 and beyond as carriers continue to expand functionality – which includes standalone 5G antenna and edge computing. 

Edge computing also brings efficiency to 5G networks by processing data close to the device instead of moving everything into the cloud. This reduces to end-to-end processing time and subsequently allows more responsive control over connected devices. For example, in an autonomous car, you need decisions made as quickly as possible and using local edge processing decreases the time required for data to travel from the vehicle to the decision-making server.  

Secondly, edge computing brings efficiency by reducing the amount of data that needs to move to the cloud. Consider a drone performing surveillance. Most of the information can be processed close to the drone – on the edge. Some of the data will need to move to the cloud for complex decision-making. It would be prohibitively expensive to move all the data to the cloud, so the edge reduces overall cost of using intelligent algorithms with the drone.  

5G phones will benefit from edge processing in gaming and virtual or augmented reality applications. Gamers, in particular, will be able to play with much higher interactivity because there is less delay interacting with the game and with other users. 

5G Is Closer Than You Yhink 

If you’ve watched sports within the last year, particularly the 2022 Winter Olympics, we’ve seen camera angles as never before. The helmet camera worn by referees provides an on-ice, in-the-action perspective. Football (soccer) has introduced pilon-based cameras to provide a better angle to judge offside calls and goals. New features for basketball broadcasting are allowing viewers the ability to control the angle. These are just early examples of where 5G is closer than you think.  

These applications use cameras with embedded SIM cards, just like a phone. They broadcast using the traditional C-Band just like phones. The advantage with 5G is that it’s more efficient. Not only does the battery last longer, but there’s also more bandwidth available. Consequently, these cameras can provide up to 1Gbps – that’s enough for several channels of 4K UHD (with compression). It’s another proof-point that 5G is coming and 5G is meant for enterprise applications.  

Designed for Business 

In summary, 5G really is here – it’s just not completely deployed. NB-IoT connections for sensors are almost fully deployed. 5G networks provide a new perspective for sports broadcasters and we’re just now seeing the leading edge of what 5G can do with ultra-wideband downloads. Soon the full complement of functions will be available with the inclusion of edge computing.  

A full 5G network brings an order of magnitude including more capability to connectivity. These networks will operate autonomous vehicles within smart-city environments. They can re-shape user experiences and create opportunities to monetize features to businesses and consumers in a way that is currently beyond imagination. You need only think of the business transformation offered by companies like Uber or Lyft that couldn’t exist on your sleek old flip phone that only had voice and text capability.  

But carriers in North America didn’t pour almost $100 billion into spectrum just to increase phone data rates or improve performance for mobile gamers. This investment is aimed at the enterprise and for this reason, 5G is not all about phones. 5G means business.

Are you curious about the 5G program? Turn curiosity into action and test your 5G compatibility today. Connect with Invest Ottawa to find out more.