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Poised to be a leader in the development and advancement of clean technologies, Canada is attracting international attention serving clients at home and abroad. In fact, 57% of cleantech revenues come from international clients like China, U.S. and India who are collectively responsible for half of global clean energy investment in 2016 (C$348 billion). With immense economic potential, the government of Canada has prioritized clean technology innovation which will support research, development and demonstration activities

Situated within the province of Ontario, which hosts 10% more cleantech companies than any province in Canada, Ottawa has a well-positioned geographic advantage. As Canada’s most educated city, home to the highest concentration of scientists and engineers, and host to top-ranked Fortune 500 companies such as Waste Management, Johnson Controls, Wesco, Honeywell, and Enbridge, the nation’s capital is innovating, developing and exporting industry leading technologies.

As a G7 capital, the city boasts a large concentration of federal research agencies and laboratories. A sample of some research and development (R&D) facilities with a focus on clean technology include:




    • Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, supports clean technology research, development and demonstration and the adoption of clean technology in Canada’s natural resources sectors




The collaboration of researchers, private sector and academia in Ottawa serve as a catalyst for innovative breakout technologies that provide globally competitive and environmentally responsible solutions. Ottawa-based cleantech companies can also leverage their close proximity to the software and communication technology clusters in order to access leading-edge ICT expertise and enhance their worldwide competitiveness.

Examples of Ottawa Clean Technology Brilliance:


After years of R&D, Thermalfrost has unveiled its thermal compressor technology. This leading-edge technology harnesses low-grade heat waste (which comes from factories and other energy-consuming processes) in order to deliver air conditioning, refrigeration, freezing, and highly efficient energy storage. The thermal compressor has been successfully marketed in the Asia-Pacific region. Moreover, Thermalfrost’s sustainable technologies have also earned it a nomination for the Katerva Award, which is the Nobel Prize equivalent for sustainability.

gan systems

GaN Systems’ Galium Nitride (GaN) transistor, which facilitates wireless power transfer, has upended the economic landscape. These small transistors supply more output power, reduce system volume and weight by 80%, and minimize waste heat, and therefore reduce business costs and benefit the environment. Automobiles using GaN transistors, for example, weigh less and consume less gasoline. Industrial robots with GaN transistors emit less waste heat and create a smaller carbon footprint. Not surprisingly, this technology has a wide range of applications – such as solar, wind, and smart grids, wireless laptops, power tools, tablets, mobile phones, E-bikes, appliances and even drones. For their transistors, GaN Systems entered the esteemed Global Cleantech 100 list, which rates companies on their potential to have a significant market impact. GaN Systems is also the recipient of the 2017 Katerva Award in the energy and power category.


Windmill Developments is currently building the Zero Carbon Community (Zibi) in the heart of Ottawa, with the aim of creating the most sustainable and eco-friendly community in the world. This community’s integrated energy system includes, but is not restricted to, automated buildings, energy storage, waste heat recovery, electric vehicle sharing, Hydro Ottawa’s clean energy solutions, geothermal, and energy efficiency programs. Zibi is expected to deliver a number of economic and social benefits, such as sustainable transport, local food, social equity, and a dynamic local economy.


Ranked in the top ten Clean Technology & Life Sciences Sector on the TSX Venture Exchange 50, Clearford provides unified water management and sanitation systems. Recently, this company unveiled a sanitation solution called Clearford One for collecting, processing, and treating sewage and has successfully marketed this product to developing communities such as the Gujarat State in India. Additionally, Clearford offers a “Pay for Performance” financing model which helps budget-conscious municipalities afford multi-million-dollar infrastructure projects. Under this financial plan, Clearford assumes the construction and operating risks, promises that all its in-ground components have a 90-year life cycle, complies with Ministry of the Environment regulatory requirements, and does not saddle the municipality with capital costs.This payment method garnered the 2016 Corporate Innovation Award at the 17th Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association conference.


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