Capital Talent

These four local schools are a gold mine for recruiting talent in your industry

Finding the right people to help orchestrate a company’s vision is an ongoing journey. Strategic plans are re-shaped, rivals are quick to react and most importantly, the skills needed to remain competitive are ever evolving. Whether you’re just getting your business started or branching out into foreign markets; talent drives success.

When it comes to talent, the nation’s capital has you covered. Ottawa is the most educated city in Canada with the second highest concentration of scientists and engineers in North America (next to Silicon Valley).

Ottawa’s four local schools are a never-ending resource of tech, science, and digital media talent. They are actively contributing to innovative industries, researching in-depth projects within state-of-the-art laboratories and helping accelerate the success of local companies in foreign markets.

Need top notch talent? Then you need to be in Ottawa.


Student Population 42,000

The University of Ottawa is globally recognized for their prestigious programs, abundant research, and notable alumni. It is the largest bilingual university in the world and has the largest French immersion program in the country.

The university operates 40 research centres and institutes. Students participate in some of the most leading-edge life science studies in Canada. Their research investments contribute almost $2.6 billion to Ontario’s GDP and have partners in every part of the world. Their links to the Canadian government, national archives, museums, and numerous hospitals make uOttawa a well-connected institute. Their advances in social sciences, health, and the humanities make uOttawa a magnet for top-notch talent.



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Discovery by uOttawa researcher could reduce the need for preventive mastectoomy in BRCA1-mutated breast cancer

uOttawa researchers shed light on how cannabis alters a depression-related brain circuit

Carleton University

Student Population: 28,000

Carleton Univeristy has built an international reputation for its journalism, public affairs, and policy management prowess. However, their specialties in cognitive science, cyber security, network technology, photonics and laser technology, interactive multimedia and design and information resource management are beginning to turn heads. They also have two graduate programs focusing on Information Technology.

Carleton is recognized as a world leader in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), including computer systems engineering, electronics, software engineering, telecommunications, and many other fields in ECE, making graduates of these programs a force to be reckoned with. The school collaborates with major industrial leaders including IBM, Intel, Mitel, Alcatel, Ericsson, Telus, RIM, Huawei and more on world-leading studies.

Alcatel has recognized the school’s research strength in computer and network communications, sponsoring a research laboratory (One of only eight in the world and the only one in Canada). With generous undergrad scholarships ($18 million in awards) and $59.6 million in research funding from 2013-2014, Carleton University is an obvious choice for recruiting tech and engineering talent.



Carleton U makes R&D easier for Ottawa businesses

Carleton Students Take Top Prize at Canadian Society for Civil Engineering National Capstone Design Competition

Carleton Earns Innovation Award at Unmanned Systems Canada Student Competition

Carleton’s Global Cybersecurity Resource Program to Receive $3M as part of Investment in Ottawa Innovation Centre

Algonquin College

Student Population: 63,000

The strengths of Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology lie in the areas of Media and Design, Clean Energy, Manufacturing, and Information and Communication Technologies. The School of Media and Design alone offers twenty-four programs that explore every facet of the digital economy. Interactive Multimedia and Design, and advanced diplomas in Game Development, Animation, and Graphic Design.

Students collaborate with experienced leaders in their various disciplines. Just take their animation program for example; as all professors are industry veterans with at least twenty years of experience. And grads from the program have been very successful going into big productions like Frozen and Zootopia, and Life of Pi.

Approximately 90% of Algonquin graduates have jobs within six months of graduation and the same percentage of businesses are happy with their quality of work.



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La Cité

Student Population: 5,000

La Cité is the largest French college in Ontario. It offers more than 140 programs to some 5000 full-time students. The school was ranked first among twenty-four Ontario colleges in 2011 in terms of student satisfaction, graduate employment rate, the usefulness of knowledge and skills required and overall quality of learning experiences according to the results of an annual survey by the Ministry of Training.

La Cite excels in health, skilled trades, and applied research. Their Ottawa campus features one hundred modern and well-equipped laboratories. At the end of their studies, students have the technical experiences to excel in their chosen industries.



La Cité initiates collaborative project to develop portable solar energy for developing countries

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