SheBoot program

An investment in the next generation of women entrepreneurs.

Get your startup investment ready and pitch to win a minimum of a $100,000 grand prize

SheBoot is an Ottawa-based 6-week bootcamp that prepares founders to pitch their business and secure investment.

The program welcomed its inaugural cohort this past fall. On October 15, ten outstanding founders competed in the first-ever SheBoot pitch competition. We were proud to announce the award winners: Heirlume, Vaultt, FanSaves, and Lunaria. For more on this, you can read the full story.

Applications for cohort 2 are open until May 7, 2021.  


A women-led bootcamp for women-led businesses

Together, Capital Angel Network and Invest Ottawa built this bootcamp to help scalable technology and technology-enabled women-led businesses tackle tough challenges like:

✔ Access to capital

✔ Access to mentors

Our objective

1. Help more women founders access capital.

2. Have more women investing in startups.

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Why the name

Urban dictionary defines “SheBoot” as, “a film or television property that is rebooted and recast with women in roles played by men in the original material.”

This production and cast are women-led.

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The bootcamp

SheBoot is designed and delivered by leading women from across our ecosystem: a collective of seasoned entrepreneurs, angel investors, and all-around success experts.

It’s your chance to learn from these high-achieving trailblazers, all of whom are committed to your success. It’s also an opportunity to build your network of peers – fellow entrepreneurs who want to see you succeed.



What to expect

The bootcamp will take place over six weeks in fall 2021, from September 13 – October 23. If accepted, be prepared to commit an average of 1 day per week to the program.

Be ready to rapidly develop skills, build your network and perfect your business pitch through workshops, mentorship, coaching and more.

The details are to come, but you can count on:

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Business coaching

Get matched with a dedicated business coach who will work as your program guide.
Get to know you and your business
Increase your accountability and focus
Ask tough questions
Help make connections
And, more!

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Specialized mentorship

Learn from experienced mentors with specialized skills during hands-on sessions.
And, more!

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Masterclass workshops

The curriculum is designed to ready you and your business to secure investment.
Sales and marketing
And, more!

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Meet investors

The Capital Angel Network is a group of angel investors committed to building the region’s entrepreneurial community. Get to know their members and be introduced to the network, which extends across and far beyond Ottawa’s ecosystem.

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Build your peer network

Be a part of a founder community. Leave our bootcamp with a robust network of ambitious game-changers you can lean on, learn from, and grow with.

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Continued support

The support doesn’t end when the bootcamp does. Coaches help you develop a 12-month action plan and will be there as you implement. After the initial four weeks, monthly follow-up meetings will keep fuel in your tank and help you stay on track.

The finale: pitch to win a grand prize of a minimum of $100,000 in investment!

SheBoot’s 6-week bootcamp concludes with a celebration and pitch finale. Finalists pitch their business to a panel of investors who select our winners.

The program prepares each founder to compete for the grand prize of – a minimum – $100,000 in equity-based funding. This top prize is an investment made by 10 women investors in the Capital Angel Network. Although there is a top prize, all participating companies will leave the program with $10,000 in non-dilutive funding.

Additional information

The top prize money is awarded in the form of a convertible loan.

What is a convertible loan? It’s a short-term debt that converts into equity. The basic terms are below.

    • An interest rate of 8% per annum
    • A discount rate of 20%
    • Term of 5 years
    • Capped price of $2.5 million CDN

Get involved!

Passionate people make this program possible.

Do you want to support women-led startups as a mentor? Get in touch with Erin Seegmiller, Manager, Early Stage Programs, at [email protected].

Are you interested in angel investment and exploring the opportunity to join the Capital Angel Network? Connect with Julia Elvidge, SheBoot Leader and Investor, at [email protected].

Is this the program for you?

Apply if your startup is:

  • Women-led, meaning a women has significant ownership of the business (33% minimum) and holds the title of CEO, COO or CTO;
  • Prepared with a clear vision of the product and defined roadmap to reach identified markets and target segments;
  • Innovative, scalable, and a tech or tech-enabled startup;
  • Showing initial signs of traction, i.e. customer feedback, beta tested or generating revenue;
  • Looking for support and mentorship;
  • Ready to put insight into action; and
  • Eager to join a founder community.

Applications are open from March 1, 2021 – May 7, 2021.

Don’t count yourself out.
We know that, just like every business, situations are unique. If you’re not sure if your company qualifies for SheBoot, don’t give up – get in touch. 


SheBoot is newsworthy. That’s why it’s capturing attention.


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Have questions about the program or the application process? Want to know how you can get involved? Don’t hesitate, get in touch with our team.

Send Erin Seegmiller, Manager, Early Stage Programs, an email at [email protected].

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