AccelerateOTT: Inside the Mind of an Early-Stage Investor

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By: Randy Gaudreau | Jun 22, 2018

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Speakers at AccelerateOTT Panel

AccelerateOTT Early-Stage Investor Panel

Speakers: Code Cubitt, Managing Director, Mistral VenturesDavid Dufresne, Partner, Panache VenturesJennifer Francis, High Tech Mentor, Advisor & Investor; Chris Neumann, Early-Stage Investor; and Elizabeth Yin, Co-Founder, Partner & Startup Investor, Hustle Fund

Title: AccelerateOTT: Inside the Mind of an Early-Stage Investor

At AccelerateOTT, the Early-Stage Investor Panel was so popular, during the talk you could hear a pin drop! Attendees walked away armed with the knowledge of what to look for in an Angel or VC, how to pitch, when to seek investment, how to discern between a good and bad investor and more.

Here are our top favourite panel takeaways:

  1. What’s your differentiator? Is it your business model or your technology? If it is your technology, you need to own the intellectual property: it matters to investors.
  2. A diverse team with differing opinions and backgrounds makes for a stronger team and company.
  3. If an investor is interested in you, they will look at your company later. Focus on your business, then go to them when you’re truly ready; you never get a second chance to make a second impression.
  4. Send cold e-mails and make them strong. Include clear bullet points and peak attention!
  5. When you pitch, first identify the problem you found, size it (explain how many people it effects), identifying the solution, showcase “why you”, and then, provide the $$$ ops.
  6. When you find a “lead” investor early on, use them to rally others.

Following the panel, not one, but two of our investors sat down with Techopia to talk shop!

Check out Code Cubit’s, Managing Director, Mistral Venture Partners, interview:

Check out Elizabeth Yin’s, Co-Founder, Partner and Startup Investor, Hustle Fund

Thank you for your time and insight!

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