Be a part of an enterprising community

Be a part of an enterprising community

Entrepreneurship is a relentless learning curve. It’s the non-stop express through unfamiliar territory and out-of-left-field challenges. We created IO Flex to give founders and business leaders access to Early-Stage Advisors, cost-saving start-up perks, and a network of like-minded peers.

IO Flex is flexible to meet your needs when you need it most – giving you the key to a select roster of the best business resources for every phase of your business.

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What you get

Great company

Connect with other founders and business experts via Slack channels, peer-meets-peer events, and virtual and in-person presentations and discussions curated by tech-business gurus.

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Perk up

Reduce your startup expenses with healthy and helpful discounts on business essential software as a service (SaaS) tools that help accelerate growth. These exclusive perks range from legal, finance, accounting, equity management, insurance, sales, marketing, project management, and web design.

You set the pace

Founders are the busiest people we know. Which is why IO Flex works for you. You decide the moments of engagement based on your needs and availability, so you can focus getting the work done and build out your enterprise.


Exclusive desk rental space

Studio7 is home to some of our client companies. Venture Path companies are given exclusive access to rent desk space at Bayview Yards. Not only are you acquiring ample desk space; you’ll work out of the city’s most inspiring hub!

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Is IO Flex a fit for me?

IO Flex gives you the key to a select roster of the best business resources for every phase of your business. You should apply if you meet at least one of the following requirements:

Are a graduate of IO Ignition

Have demonstrated traction

Are looking for a self-driven
approach to growing your company

Are an experienced founder
(this is not your first tech venture)

Erin Seegmiller

Have questions?

Erin Seegmiller is happy to help.
Manager, Early Stage Programs | Email Erin


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