Global Expansion

Our Global Expansion team helps businesses that are seeking to expand their global footprint in Ottawa and those already established in the city scale up their enterprises.

Save valuable time

We can connect you with talent, community leaders, partners, funding sources, government programs and other essential resources and intel to help grow your business in Ottawa.

We’re plugged into every channel

With more than ten years as the primary hub of Ottawa’s technology sector, we’re current on the projects, programs, trends and activities across all the companies, industry associations, educational institutions, government departments and agencies active in our city.

Our connections are your connections

The Invest Ottawa Global Expansion team members know the time-saving value of a warm introduction. We not only find the right contacts for you from different sectors to help grow your business, we take the time to personally introduce you.

Like a scalpel through red tape

If you’re looking to do business with government, apply to a federal funding program or work with regulators on a novel technology, we can help. By being in the nation’s capital, Invest Ottawa is uniquely positioned to help business leaders swiftly navigate the intricacies and sometimes unfamiliar structure of the public sector.