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Up next a founder, investor, and startup ecosystem leader, who has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world on how to build successful businesses.

We are thrilled to welcome @MandelaSH, Founder & CEO of @foundergym 👏👏

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THANK YOU to all of our panelists for your inspirational discussion. 🙌

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Q: Should I take maternity leave or work remotely?

A:The time that your baby is sleeping should be the time you are recouping. It’s easy to convince yourself that baby is down time to get work done. It’s a personal preference, but trying to live a dual life can take it’s toll.

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Q: How do you leverage your social network to lean on for support? 🤔

A: Keep those connections going. Personal or professional. And don’t be afraid to reach out. ☎️

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Our panelists discuss their top tips and tricks for preventing burnout:

🔥Take time for self reflection
🔥 Share the housework
🔥 Quiet time

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✨Fierce: being strong and courageous.

✨Fearless: Not the absence of fear, feeling it and pushing through it to achieve a goal.

✨Focused: keeping your eye on the ball while still proving past defeated.

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Together, @CapitalAngels & Invest Ottawa built this bootcamp to help scalable technology and technology-enabled womxn-led businesses tackle tough challenges. 💸

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Our strategy:


Learn more: https://t.co/q6Kce1O7Lz

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Our Goals:

🏠 Establish the foundation
📈Drive measurable progress towards goals
🌍Expand global leadership and collaboration

Learn more: https://t.co/q6Kce1O7Lz

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“The rise of womxn is not about the fall of men. Gender balance is not solely a womxn’s issue, it’s also an economic issue. Advocacy, inclusion, and tangible action are needed from all.” – Susan Richards, Co-Chair Invest Ottawa and @Bayview_Yards

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