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Need to build an app for your startup? Are you age 15-29? Join @RBC & @Invest_Ottawa for a FREE workshop on Oct 27 to uncover your tech identity & build app design skills!
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Three Design Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them: A Case Study [Part 1] – @rongagnier, @Invest_Ottawa Acceleration Program Business Specialist (UX/UI)
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Unlock the doors of your city’s most innovative companies: Join us at @suopenhouse 2018! Walk directly into startup offices & connect with CEOs & founders shaping the future of biz in #Ottcity.
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How should software tech companies approach intellectual property? Where does IP fit in an anti-IP hacker culture? Join @SmartBiggar on Sep 12 at @Bayview_Yards to discuss these questions & learn about the #Saas IP toolkit!
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[email protected] CEO Leadership Series: @mikegtremblay https://t.co/gY7ulzNikJ
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A true innovator and technology pioneer, congratulations John Ross on the well-deserved honour.
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How Are You Going to Attract and Retain Top Talent?
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