Guidance for Canada’s Evolving International Student Program

Mar 28, 2024

For international students looking to build their skills and their careers, Canada can be an attractive option. Not only does it offer a world class education system filled with a wide range of exciting academic programs, but it also boasts a strong and dynamic economy filled with opportunities in thriving industries.

However, navigating Canada’s immigration system can be daunting. Challenges such as complex regulations, accessing and providing the proper visas and permits, and meeting eligibility criteria and requirements can make the process tough to navigate, especially as adjustments are made that can make it hard to keep up.

On January 22, 2024, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)  announced changes to its international student program to uphold the integrity of the international student program while addressing housing and healthcare concerns.

As an overview – alterations to the international student program include:

  • the introduction of a cap on study permit approvals for two years, necessitating a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) from the province of study.
  • An increase in financial requirements to ensure students have sufficient funds for living expenses.
  • Spouses’ eligibility for open work permits tightened, with exceptions for those in advanced degree programs.

To help provide a little clarity on the changes to Canada’s evolving international student program, and to shed a little light on the options international students have following graduation, Canadian law firm specializing in immigration law Green & Spiegel LLP has compiled a helpful and detailed article outlining:

  • The alterations to the international student program
  • Options international students have following graduation.
  • Permanent Residency (PR) Pathway considerations for International Students
  • Ways students can stay in Canada beyond their Post Graduation Work Permit (PWGP) and become a more competitive candidate for Express Entry.

Logo for Green and Spiegel - with the text, Green and Spiegel - Immigration LawAs the Canadian immigration landscape continues to evolve, staying informed of the process and any changes to it is important. This is where working with a representative like Green and Spiegel LLP can really make a difference.

Founded in 1962, Green and Spiegel is Canada’s largest and oldest immigration law firm with over 60 years of experience assisting a diverse global clientele to navigate confidently the Canadian immigration system. As a boutique firm, Green and Spiegel focuses exclusively on immigration law and provides a broad range of immigration services, developing creative solutions to all types of immigration challenges.

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