Ottawa’s Tech Talent and Quality of Life Attract European Global Leader Kolleno

Apr 14, 2023

Founded in 2020 in London, England, Kolleno has developed an all-in-one working capital management platform to help B2B CFOs and business leaders.

Djibrane Larrabure, Chief of Staff at Kolleno, says, “Very simply, Kolleno empowers B2B CFOs and business leaders to keep their bank accounts healthy and their clients happy by automating manual workflows; providing centralized, real-time data and insights into a business’ cash and working capital position; and, using AI and machine learning to identify the right timing, tone and channel to engage our clients’ customers to convert outstanding revenues into cash faster.”

Through the Invest Ottawa Global Runway program, the Global Expansion team helped Kolleno to facilitate a soft landing into the Canadian market. They gave Kolleno expert insights on the local market, introductions to potential business partners, and opportunities to network with sector partners.

In spring 2022, Kolleno opened its doors for business in Ottawa.

Kolleno’s Three Reasons for Choosing Ottawa

Dimitri Raziev, Chief Executive Officer of Kolleno, said, “Our presence in Ottawa was the right choice for us in Canada for several reasons: One, Ottawa is a huge technology hub, with a well-established ecosystem of tech start-ups and numerous success stories. Two, Ottawa attracts great talent and offers an excellent quality of life. Three, Ottawa is in close proximity to tech networks such as Toronto and Montreal.”

Kolleno’s smart platform has already helped companies in North America, Europe and Africa to recover outstanding receivables on average 2-3 times faster by automating manual tasks and defining the most appropriate timing, tone and channels to engage with customers directly.

In November 2022, BAI (Bank Administration Institute) announced the 2022 Global Innovation Award Finalists, among them Kolleno and its working capital platform.

Through the Global Runway program, Invest Ottawa’s Global Expansion team saves time, connecting companies directly with recruitment and commercial real estate professionals, potential business advisors and associates, research and development sites, government regulators and policy makers, embassy staff and any other contacts they need to support their business.

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