Work in Ottawa: Technical Support by Day, Tourist by Night

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Apr 7, 2017

Niket Bajaj moved from India to Canada on Boxing Day in 2013. It was -20°C when he landed in Toronto, a big change from the scorching 35°C weather he left behind. Fast-forward to 2014, Niket was up one winter jacket, one degree in computer science, and one new job in Ottawa.

We met up to discuss his role at FileFacets, an online data analytics, and content migration tool, and what life is like in the nation’s capital. Check it out!

Niket Bajaj, Web Programmer and Technical Support

So, what do you do at FileFacets?

At FileFacets, we offer a content analysis and migration platform that enables companies to find, process and move content to better organize their Enterprise Content Managements (ECMs). My role is Web Programmer and Technical Support. I meet with stakeholders to understand upcoming requirements for FileFacets software and then create wireframes based on their specific needs. Once they approve the design, I can move forward with implementing the code needed to migrate their documents and work on organizing their database. It’s been really exciting to watch the company grow, land bigger clients, and see projects that I’ve managed come into fruition.


What attracted you to this company?

I first learned about the position with FileFacets when I was in Toronto. I had just graduated with my computer science degree and was looking for work. What initially struck my interest about them was how unique their product was. Even now there aren’t many companies doing what we do – it’s sort of in its own niche market. I packed my bags and moved to Ottawa as soon as I found out that I got the job. What I learned after I started working for them though was how friendly and welcoming the whole team is – and multicultural! There are people from Russia, Vietnam, Europe, India, etc… The CEO and CTO were also incredible for helping me with my work permit and permanent residence (which I just received one month ago!).

That’s amazing, congratulations! What do you look forward to doing on evenings and weekends?

This winter I embraced the great indoors and explored different restaurants and comedy shows in the capital. I really enjoy going to Absolute Comedy in Little Italy and then trying different dishes on Preston St. This spring and summer I’m looking forward to checking out the tulip festival, the light show on Parliament Hill, and participating in a bunch of the Ottawa 2017 events to celebrate the 150th anniversary Canada’s confederation.

Niket and co-worker, Jay Godse, are the office comedians

What has surprised you about living and working in Ottawa?

My flight from India to Toronto had a layover in Ottawa, so my first experience in Canada was actually in its capital. When I got off the plane I was surprised to be greeted in English and French and noticed that all of the signs in the airport represented both languages. Now having spent time in Toronto and Ottawa, I’ve realized how unique it is to live in a bilingual city – it’s like Ottawa is a gateway into French culture! The density of the tech scene in Ottawa, and more specifically in Kanata, also surprised me. This city definitely has a strong tech hub filled with organizations of all sizes.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about moving to Ottawa?

If you’re looking for a place with culture, lots of job opportunities, fun activities, good food and a place to go for a laugh or two, then you should absolutely consider moving to Ottawa!

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