Three Reasons You’ll Want to Work with Babcock Canada

Jan 28, 2024
By: Randy Gaudreau

Since 2008, Babcock, a leading global engineering support solutions provider, has been expanding its reach into global markets, and its growth is presenting new opportunities for tech talent in Canada and right here in the capital region.

We recently connected with Babcock to learn a bit more about the company, and to get the inside track on upcoming opportunities to join its growing team.

So, continue below to get an introduction to Babcock through this month’s Trending in Tech feature, and hear from Tony March, Vice President – Marine and Mission Systems with Babcock Canada on why their Ottawa team is a great team to be part of.

What does Babcock do?

Babcock employees walking in a line across what appears to be a runway wearing site suits and hardhats.

“In a world of significant geopolitical instability, national security has never been more important. Due to rapidly changing threats and disrupted supply chains – as well as more interdependent allies – projects are increasingly complex to deliver.

“Babcock plays a critical and vital role in helping safeguard Canada’s national security and defence as well as those of allied countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, South Africa, and more.

“Whether applying world-class engineering or the latest technology, we combine our global expertise with a practical mindset to ensure our customers’ critical assets in the marine, land, and aviation domains are mission-ready.”

Can you explain the role technology plays at Babcock?

“Whether maintaining aircraft or sustaining submarines through their life cycle, we leverage the deep expertise we have by using contemporary technology. Looking forward, our approach is to continue to refine our existing secure digital backbone that underpins our ability to deliver critical assets for our customers.

“There is a shift occurring towards cloud computing across industry and Government and how to best exploit that, while ensuring our customers’ data is protected.  We are actively investing in applications that leverage Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to leverage large data sets and increase the productivity of a skilled but limited technical workforce.

“There is a very strong ecosystem of innovative and high-technology small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada that we are actively investing in to accelerate our technological adoption.”

What makes Ottawa a strategic location for Babcock?

“Operating in Canada since 2008, Babcock now has operations in Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Victoria. Our primary customer is the Federal Government, and being in Ottawa allows us to be close to our customers and respond effectively to their requirements.

“Ottawa is also a key centre for the ecosystem of defence companies. Several defence & aerospace organizations are headquartered in Ottawa and have a strong presence and reputation within the city.

“A great place to live, Ottawa has a lot to offer as a community but also to working professionals. In Ottawa, working professionals have endless opportunities, which gives companies like Babcock access to exceptional talent.”

Can you share a little about the growth of your company?  

“In Canada, Babcock began as a marine-focused company with the Victoria In-Service Support Contract, which supports Canada’s four Victoria Class submarines. Over the past five years Babcock has significantly grown, signing our first aviation contract to deliver aerial wildfire suppression services to the Government of Manitoba, which enabled us to expand into the aviation sector and subsequently into critical care air ambulance services.

“We are now exploring expansion into the land sector and supporting critical mission systems.”

An overhead view of a submarine moving on top of the water in the direction of the camera.

Considering Babcock’s work in defence and security, are there challenges in recruiting for roles that require security clearances?

“Within this industry, it is a common requirement for employees to attain a certain level of security clearance. The work we do often involves sensitive information that is confidential, and requires us to do a thorough vetting of potential candidates to ensure we meet respective clearance requirements. Obtaining a security clearance is a Government of Canada process and can take time to complete and be granted.”

What’s next for Babcock in Canada?

“Babcock is currently exploring ways in which we can continue to assist the Canadian Armed Forces and Canada’s provincial emergency services agencies by leveraging our global capabilities to develop uniquely made-in-Canada solutions that are delivered by Canadians, for Canadians, subsequently continuing to grow a truly Canadian company.”

Three reasons you’ll want to work with Babcock Canada 

1. You Will Have an Epic Career

“At Babcock, we think big. We have to, because most of the projects we take on are epic in scale. That’s why we’re constantly looking for skilled and dedicated employees — it’s our people that make us great. When we’re tackling complex projects, we need employees who can rise to the challenge and help us deliver innovative engineering solutions.

“At Babcock, employees have the ability to create change by contributing to epic projects that make a positive impact safeguarding Canada’s defence and security as well as communities across the country.”

2. Value for Health and Wellness

“Health and Safety is the highest priority in Babcock’s mission of delivering operational excellence– it is at the heart of all that we do and is integral to the delivery of our strategic objectives, our operating model, and our culture.

A yellow and red seaplane skimming on the top of the water.

“Babcock is committed to ensuring everyone goes ‘Home Safe Every Day’ – our people, contractors, customers, and the public. Our Safety Management System is the framework that enables us to do this – it applies to everybody and everything, with no exceptions.

“Babcock recognizes the importance of our employee’s health and well-being. Like our physical health, our mental health needs to be prioritized and taken care of.  Babcock commits to making workplace mental health matter, and to support this, we offer a number of programs and resources for our employees.

“Babcock is committed to promoting a workforce without boundaries. One that welcomes everyone to contribute to our success regardless of race, nationality, colour, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, or age.”

3. Opportunities for Professional Growth

“As we continue to explore expansion into new contracts, sectors, and lines of work, Babcock is experiencing a very exciting time full of growth opportunities.

“Babcock wants to empower and enable employees to plan and develop their careers and offers growth opportunities that include but are not limited to global and national relocation, secondments, training and development programs including education allowances, and more.”

What do you look for in a candidate looking to join the Babcock team? 

the Babcock team seated in front of their laptops at a round boardroom table, collaborating.

“We pride ourselves on delivering forward-thinking, re-imagined human capital solutions. That starts with finding talented people for our committed and collaborative Canadian teams. If you are eager to put your vision, energy, and ideas to work on new challenges, explore our website — you’ll see Babcock is somewhere you can build something epic.

“Collectively at Babcock, our employees embody the principles that help make us great at what we do:

  • Challenge the status quo, Be Curious, and ask, ‘how might we?’
  • Whenever measuring success, Think: Outcomes and positive impacts.
  • Be Kind to ourselves, each other, and our planet.
  • Babcock employees Collaborate – we are greater than the sum of our parts,
  • Be Courageous – be brave, ambitious, and determined.
  • Everyone has a part to play - Own and Deliver to be successful.”

Are there particular tech skills that are in demand for your company? 

Can you highlight a few open positions you’re currently hiring for?

Can you highlight the best way for any interested applicants to apply? 

“Visit our Careers website to view job openings. If you are interested in an opening, please proceed with the application process via our website.”

If you’re looking to find specialized tech talent to help scale your company, reach out to our talent team and find out how we can help.

Reach out to the Invest Ottawa talent team.


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