Trending in Tech: Securing the Future with Solink

Apr 2, 2024

In our monthly Trending in Tech blog series, we offer an inside look at tech companies in Ottawa that are growing and creating new opportunities for tech talent.

With demand for smarter security solutions reaching new heights, Solink is eyeing the opportunity to help more businesses around the world protect their assets and operate as efficiently as possible. 

Read below to learn more about Solink, what it has planned here in Ottawa and beyond, and how you can join the growing team.

What does Solink do?

Solink aims to expand the way businesses use video security by integrating it with their data systems, providing comprehensive business insights and security solutions, and enabling users to remotely monitor their business operations.

Solink serves a wide range of industries including retail, restaurants, financial services, and healthcare, focusing on loss prevention, security, and operational efficiency.

The logo for Solink - which is predominantly comprised of dark and light blue lettering with light blue accents. Through its cloud-based video management system, Solink offers real-time video security, data analytics, and alarm management to help businesses protect their assets and optimize their operations.

By offering an all-in-one solution, Solink simplifies business operations by placing more of their security infrastructure in one platform—exception-based reporting, video management, and alarms.” 

Can you tell us how the security industry has changed in recent years? 

“The security industry has evolved significantly in recent years, with a shift towards integrating technology and data analytics into security solutions along with a movement from on-premises to cloud-based security. This transformation is driven by the need for more efficient, intelligent, and proactive security measures.

Solink is well-positioned as a leader in this new market thanks to its innovative approach of combining video security with data analytics and cloud technology. This allows for real-time monitoring, incident investigation, and data-driven insights, catering to the growing demand for comprehensive and smart security solutions that drive profit.” 

Can you tell us how Solink has grown in recent years?

The founder of Solink sits on the edge of a small couch, leaning forward with hands folded, in front of a blue feature wall with the Solink logo on it.

“In June 2020, Solink closed a $23 Million (CAD) Series B investment led by OMERS Ventures. The investment was used to grow both customers and partners as well as focus on product expansion. 

By integrating existing security cameras with critical business data sources such as POS, access control, and inventory systems, Solink is able to personalize the use of cameras in the day-to-day application of each customer’s business.  

The Series B investment round helped Solink accelerate revenue and employee numbers significantly, positioning the company as a leading physical security partner for businesses.”

The recent Series C investment found has Solink well positioned for growth in the coming years. Here’s the situation in the market today: Businesses are seeing an average 26.5% increase in crime, retailers are shutting down unprofitable brick-and-mortar locations due to shrinkage, and the rise in violent crime is stalling the post-pandemic economic recovery.

Solink helps solve these problems for customers by pairing data from over 200 different systems with security cameras to identify suspicious activities and create a safer environment for customers and employees.  On average, customers see an ROI on the Solink system in less than 30 days. 

The Series C investment will accelerate our plans to expand global coverage and allow us to invest in the future of physical security with new AI-native products.

Are there particular key growth projects on the horizon for Solink?

“In December 2023, Solink announced our vision to redefine the future of video security through generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) beginning with Sidekick AI (currently in beta for existing customers).

Solink is at the forefront, helping customers unlock the potential to provide powerful insights and drive efficiencies with GenAI technology. AI has the power to transform the physical security industry by allowing users to get real-time insights within their camera network—it’s like having a dedicated team watching every camera at once.

Generative AI is a key area for growth in our product plans. This work will represent opportunities at the Ottawa location across all company functional areas.” 

Working with Solink

What makes Solink a great company to work for?  

“From an employee perspective, there is a lot to be done on each team, which provides a lot of growth opportunities! Because the product is so versatile, and considering what we’re hoping to achieve in the future, employees have the chance to tackle different challenges in their role that they might not get in a larger company. 

Photo of team members from Solink - standing side by side at a casual company event. The people who work at Solink definitely deserve a shout-out as well! Because, again, we are all consistently trying to improve our product and find new ways for it to provide value, many (if not all) Solinkians have that entrepreneurial spirit to want to see Solink grow. When you’re surrounded by a group of people who share the same vision and goals as you, it makes a world of a difference when you do run into disagreements or product problems.  

Lastly, one often overlooked great perk about working at Solink is that we operate in a hybrid work model. A fair number of Solinkians are located within the Ottawa area, which gives employees the option to work from home or in the office. Remote work is great, but having a space you can go to once a week/month/quarter where you know that you can meet and connect with other members outside of your usual work routine is something to be celebrated!

Our office space is steadily growing, and we’re excited to be housing more teams at the same time as we keep growing!” 

What is Solink looking for in prospective new team members?  

“At Solink, we’re in search of passionate people who are eager to make a difference. Our ideal candidates are those who don’t just meet the qualifications on paper but bring a zest for learning, a motivation for challenge, and a genuine interest in contributing to our industry in meaningful ways.

We believe that passion is the fuel that drives us forward! It’s not just about what you do, but how you do it. We’re looking for individuals who are passionate about our product, people and profits. 

The Solink logo appears on a blue coloured wall, with a desk inthe background in an open layout in front of a window.

Self-driven individuals will stand out from the crowd. Your motivation to excel, push boundaries, and to continually challenge yourself is what will help all of us reach new heights. We value team members who are eager to take on responsibilities, seize opportunities, and contribute to our shared goals with enthusiasm and determination.

A keen interest is crucial. We’re looking for team members who are not just technically skilled but are also deeply interested in the broader context of our work. Whether it’s staying abreast of industry trends, exploring new technologies, or contributing innovative ideas, your interest helps keep our team dynamic, informed, and ahead of the curve. 

A Solinkian’s willingness to learn and grow is vital. We embrace challenges as opportunities for development. We encourage our team members to adopt a growth mindset—seeing feedback as a gift, embracing challenges, and believing in the potential to develop new skills. A candidate’s commitment to personal and professional growth will not only benefit their career but also contribute significantly to our team’s success. 

Finally, we also value individuals who thrive in collaborative environments, who can work effectively with colleagues across different roles and backgrounds, and who believe that collective effort leads to greater achievements. A candidate’s ability to communicate, share knowledge, and support their peers will make our team truly exceptional.” 

Are there particular opportunities or positions you can share?   

“There are always exciting opportunities at Solink. We are constantly expanding our team. We believe that the right team is key to achieving this mission, and we’re currently looking for talented individuals to join us on this exciting journey. Discover the opportunities available and find where you can make a difference.” 


Currently open positions with Solink include Account Executive, SecDevOps Engineer, Customer Support (PT), Deployment Configuration Technician and more.

To apply for these roles, and to view all currently open positions, visit Solink’s careers page here.

If you’re looking to find specialized tech talent to help scale your company, reach out to our talent team and find out how we can help. Reach out to the Invest Ottawa talent team.



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