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This bootcamp is designed for early-stage startups designing a solution to tackle challenges in the healthcare industry. In just five weeks, we will cover a variety of topics including data protection and privacy regulations, selling into health care institutions and hospitals, legal and IP strategies, regulatory landscape, investments, and US vs. Canadian markets. Our goal is to bring together experienced founders, industry experts and healthcare professionals. Most importantly, it will provide the critical knowledge and connections to push the startup forward.

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Founders will join us for exclusive weekly hands-on workshops presented by industry experts, health care professionals and founders who have been in your shoes. These workshops will cover challenges that are unique to digital health companies including:
• Lean product development for health care
• Regulatory and Compliance Considerations
• Funding and Investor Relations
• Sales and Procurement

One-on-One Advisory Support
Get one-on-one mentorship time with Invest Ottawa’s Health Tech Advisors – advisors who have firsthand experience navigating the through health care institutions and will provide personalized support and guidance.

We are thrilled to bring together health care institutions, funders and investors all under one roof. Here is your chance to network and get to know champions in the industry who can help your digital health business.


Is this bootcamp a fit for me?
• Based in the greater capital region
• Running a Digital Health company (definition below)
• Completed customer discovery and market research
• MVP or prototype ready to test or sell
• Early traction – which can include beta testers, Letters of Intent, pilot partners, paid customers, etc
• Desire to work with hospitals and healthcare institutions
• Seeking coaching or guidance from industry experts

Not sure if you qualify? At Invest Ottawa, we have a number of programs and services on our Venture Path to support companies from startup to scale. Reach out and we will find the right program for you!

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What is Digital Health?

Digital Health Tech, also referenced as Health Tech, refers to the development of technology-based products to enhance and support healthcare and medical practices. This can encompass a wide range of tools, software, systems and innovations that aim to improve the delivery of healthcare services, patient outcomes and wellness, and the overall efficiency of the healthcare ecosystem and environment. This can include addressing all types of care, including acute care, primary care, long-term care and home or community care. Some mental health or personal health products may also qualify.

While Digital Health Tech can include some type of hardware or IoT, it is generally different from Medical Devices (a category on its own) requiring regulatory approvals from the likes of Health Canada and the FDA. Life Sciences startups requiring regulatory approval are similarly treated as a separate category.

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