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To find inspiration, you don’t have to look far. Local leaders are making waves in business, tech, investment, media, and beyond. We’re determined to tell their stories and share their experiences – to laugh with them and learn from them. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Power of Why Podcast.

Host Naomi Haile is sitting down (virtually) with IWW’s featured leaders to unpack their “why” and talk about the fuel that keeps them driving forward. Tune in to each episode or take time to digest each article. They’re here for you. These women have a lot to say and we’re here for it!

We're here for all women

When we use the term women, we refer to all individuals who identify as women. This includes women of colour, transgender women, and gender non-conforming women who have historically and systemically been excluded from mainstream women’s programming and opportunities. We are making a concerted effort to prioritize equity. Our goal is to ensure that anyone who would like to access our programs and services truly feels welcome and that they belong.


About the host

Naomi Haile

An intrapreneur, consultant, and interviewer.

Naomi Haile is curious about people, their paths and what drives them. So in 2017, she launched the Power of Why Podcast. Her guests have taken the non-linear path in business, venture capital and other creative professions. She invites them to share their stories, and each episode explores people’s philosophy on life and work.

As we all navigate our lives and careers, Naomi hopes that everyone she connects with – guests and listeners – can shape products, companies, and communities of impact.

Naomi is a consultant at QuakeLab. She has also started graduate school at Columbia University!

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