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The Invest Ottawa Startup Perks program connects the startups in our community with exclusive discounts on key platforms and services that help accelerate growth. We are continually adding new perks to the list, so check back often.

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We collaborate with corporate sponsors to curate exclusive deals for IO Venture Path companies. To recommend a Startup Perk, please email the IO Community Team.

Our current perks fall under the following categories:

The Startup Perks program and the associated deals are exclusively available to IO Venture Path companies. To join an IO Venture Path program, please take our Venture Path quiz to determine what program is a fit for you.

Various perks below are from distinguished IO Venture Path companies – be on the lookout for the distinctive Venture Path logo sprinkled throughout this page, guiding you to their enticing offerings!

To redeem or learn more about any of the perks, please email the IO Community Team.

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Amplitude: Free access for one year

AmplitudeAmplitude is a leading digital analytics platform that helps companies unlock the power of their products. Over 2,700 customers, including Atlassian, NBCUniversal, Under Armour, Shopify, and Jersey Mike’s, rely on Amplitude to gain self-service visibility into the entire customer journey. Amplitude guides companies every step of the way as they capture data they can trust, uncover clear insights about customer behavior, and take faster action. When teams understand how people are using their products, they can deliver better product experiences that drive growth. Amplitude is the best-in-class analytics solution for product, data, and marketing teams, ranked #1 in multiple categories in G2’s Winter 2024 Report.

IO Venture Path companies who have raised less than $10M and employee less than 20 employees are eligible for one year of free access to Amplitude Growth Plan. Companies with less than $25M of funding are eligible for 25% off your first annual contract.

Artemis: 500 credits and data consultation for FREE


Artemis is an AI-powered data infrastructure for scaling teams. With this platform, you can set up your data warehouse, data pipelines and analytics in minutes rather than a few months. 

Artemis is an all-in-one data platform which provides all the tools you need to go from your live data sources to interactive dashboards. It replaces stitching together a cloud data warehouse, an ELT solution, a data transformation solution, a scheduler, and a BI solution. 

IO Venture Path companies can have 500 free credits to use Artemis and 3 hours of free data consulting with the team. 

Klipfolio: 30% off your first year of Klipfolio PowerMetrics


 Analyze and visualize all your data on always up-to-date dashboards with Klipfolio PowerMetrics. Connect to all your data-sources, build metrics and dashboards to share with your team. Get everybody on the same page with centralized access to shared, up-to-date data for decision-making. Combine data from different sources and metrics in one view and instantly segment, filter, and change visualizations within seconds. Without a line of code.

IO Venture Path companies will be eligible for a 30% discount on all annual subscriptions for their first year.

Twilio Segment Startup Program: Up to $50,000 in credits + additional discounts

Twilio Segment

Segment helps over 15,000 startups get analytics right. They collect, unify and send data to all of the tools you use, giving you consistent data, everywhere.

  • Collect: Use Segment’s analytics API to collect data across web (Javascript), mobile (SDK) and server-side data sources.
  • Send: Send that data to 300+ destinations, including data warehouses, analytics & BI, marketing platforms, A/B testing, and more.
  • Send data to new tools with the flip of a switch, no implementation required.
  • Keep your engineers working on core product, not integrations or internal requests.

Qualifying companies get:

  • $50,000 in Segment credits that last 1 year, an additional year of credits if you still qualify, then a year at a 50% discount, then 1 year at a 25% discount.
  • Access to our dealbook of over $1M in other software deals
  • Expedited support, access to our webinars and content to help startups get analytics right.

To qualify, companies must have:

  • Raised less than $5M
  • Been founded less than 2 years ago

How to Apply: Please message Marissa DiNardo at [email protected] for details.

AWS Activate: Business Support & Promotional Credit

AWS Activate

AWS Activate is a program designed to provide startups with the resources they need to get started on AWS. 

As a valued IO Venture Path company, you are eligible to receive the following benefits:

  • $10K in AWS Activate credits, valid for 2 years
  • 40+ AWS solutions templates, tailored to your use case
  • Access up to $800,000 in third-party offers and education programs through Activate Exclusive Offers
  • Access to the Activate Console, recommended content, and more!

If you have exhausted your credits, you may be eligible to apply for more. Please send us an email to discuss your options.

Datadog: 1 year free of Datadog pro plan

Data Dog logo

Datadog is an observability tool for cloud-scale applications, providing monitoring of servers, databases, tools, and services.

As an Invest Ottawa client, you will be eligible for 1 year free of Datadog’s Pro plan. To be eligible, you must have less than $1.5M USD of funding, and be a new Datadog client.

DigitalOcean Hatch: $5,000 in infrastructure credit

Hatch by DigitalOcean

Hatch is DigitalOcean’s global startup program to help startups grow and build in the cloud.

As part of Hatch, you’ll gain access to:

  • Up to $5,000 worth of DigitalOcean’s cloud for 12 months
  • Technical trainings, mentorship, and support
  • Opportunities to connect with the global Hatch community through a dedicated Slack
  • Marketing help and promotions through DigitalOcean’s social channels, newsletters and events
  • Invites to exclusive networking events

In order to be eligible for DigitalOcean Hatch, startups must not have received previous DigitalOcean promotional credits and must not be existing DigitalOcean customers.

Microsoft for Startups: Up to $150,000 in Azure Credits


Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub brings people, knowledge, and benefits together to help founders at every stage solve startup challenges. 


  • Up to $150,000 in free Azure credits. 
  • Free access to Microsoft tools and platforms: Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, GitHub Enterprise, Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform. 
  • 1:1 technical advisory sessions and 24/7 technical assistance help you overcome roadblocks and build at every stage. 
  • Access the Microsoft Mentor Network for expert feedback and advice on topics ranging from your product roadmap to your business plan and beyond. 


Apply if you are: 

  • Engaged in the development of a software-based product or service that will form a core piece of current or intended business. 
  • Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A-C stage (or equivalent). 

NOT previously enrolled in a Microsoft for Startups program. 

Every startup that is accepted into the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is assigned to one of four levels based on your company stage: Ideate, Develop, Grow, and Scale. The level to which you are assigned is determined by where you are in your startup journey. As your company and Azure usage grow, you will graduate to the next level and unlock more Azure credits and additional benefits up.

Ideate | $1,000 Azure credits – You are refining your startup idea and prototyping your product. 

Develop | $5,000 Azure credits – You know your solution has value and you are jumping into developing a minimally viable product.  

Grow | $25,000 Azure credits – You have launched your product and are focusing on shipping features and winning customers. 

Scale | $150,000 Azure credits – You have product market fit and are ready to focus on scaling your company. 

MongoDB for Startups: $5000 in credits to all cloud products

MongoDB for Startups

MongoDB for Startups is a database program that focuses on creating valuable technology startup programs, enabling the success of high-growth startups from ideation to IPO. This program gives startups access to the developer data platform for their rapidly scaling ventures.

MongoDB provides a flexible and intuitive document model that enables quick adaptation to your business’s growing needs. MongoDB’s multi-cloud capabilities allow you to leverage all cloud environments and build category-defining modern applications, helping you easily scale your business.

As an Invest Ottawa company, you will receive:

  • $5,000 in credits for all MongoDB Cloud products (valid for 12 months)
  • A dedicated technical advisor for a 2-hour, 1:1 consultation, to help you with your data migration and optimization
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Access to the MongoDB developer ecosystem, and more…

Eligibility requirements: 

  • Series A or earlier funding stage
  • Must be building a product or service
  • Has not previously participated in MongoDB for Startups (formerly known as “MongoDB Startup Accelerator”)
  • Must have a functioning website

How to Redeem: Please message Marissa DiNardo at [email protected] for more details.

OVH Digital Launch Pad: Up to $100,000 worth of infrastructure, consultation, and more

OVH Digital Launch Pad Partner

OVH is one of the leading global IaaS hosting providers, recently ranked 2nd in the world by Cloud Spectator. 

OVH has 20 datacenters around the world, including one in Canada outside of Montreal, a fiber optic network of 11.5Tbps, OVH is the largest non-American hosting provider. We currently have over 1.2 million clients around the world and host over 800 startups in our startup program, the Digital Launch Pad. 

OVH products include: 

  • Dedicated servers of every variety including GPU and Gaming machines. 
  • Public cloud based off of OpenStack and KVM with the API as open as possible. 
  • Private Cloud which is unique compared to other offers based on a VMware Stack, this offer is fully redundant and allows you to build your own software-defined datacenter. 

IO Venture Path companies are eligible to join the OVH Digital Launch Pad program. 

The Digital Launch Pad offers 2 different levels of support: 

We offer a total of 12 months of support in our program and up to $100,000 worth of infrastructure, consultation, support, and market strategies and visibility. OVH is a truly transparent company with the most transparent startup program on the market, we do not require equity or lock-ins. Our goal is to help you succeed without having to worry about infrastructure costs. 

  • Ideation: $1000 of infrastructure, 2 hours of consultation, access to Public cloud products. 
  • Build: $10,000 of infrastructure, 6 hours of consultation, and access to a full range of products. 
  • Market: Up to $100,000 of custom infrastructure, custom support, and market visibility across various events and our social media. 
Speedyrails: $10,000 in Managed Cloud Hosting

Speedy Rails

Speedyrails is a Managed Cloud Hosting provider that will allow you to stay focused on developing your applications and business while our team manages your cloud infrastructure. 

As an IO Venture Path client, you are eligible for: 

  • $10,000 in Managed Cloud Hosting for 1 year. 
  • 1 Free HA Load Balancer with support for unlimited Free Let’s Encrypt Certificates created using our Certificates API. 
  • 30% discount on our Content Delivery Network, powered by Verizon Digital Media Services. 
  • 1 Free Cloudflare Business account for 3 months or 1 Free Cloudflare Pro account for 12 months, 25% discount on retail price afterward. 
Chargebee: Save $3,600 on recurring subscription management and billing.


Chargebee is a recurring billing and subscription management product used by 7,000+ customers across 53 countries. New business owners and entrepreneurs can leverage Chargebee’s plug and play solution to create a frictionless subscription experience, without writing a single line of code. Growing businesses can use Chargebee’s powerful REST API to customize billing workflows. 

Chargebee integrates with payment gateways such as Stripe, Braintree, and PayPal; and business applications such as Xero, Quickbooks, and Salesforce. Chargebee is backed by Accel Partners, Tiger Global, and Insight Venture Partners. 

As an IO Venture Path company, you have the chance to leverage Chargebee’s most popular plan, Rise, free for one year. This offer, worth $3,600 in savings, will help subscription startups automate core billing and subscription management functionalities that are essential for accelerated growth. 

Fusebill: Free service for 1 year + Free onboarding

Venture Path logo




Fusebill empowers businesses with a flexible subscription commerce engine to ignite your growth. Fusebill’s agile software platform automates all aspects of your subscription business including provisioning, recurring billing, revenue recognition and catalog management. Its flexibility allows you to rapidly make changes to meet customer and market demands. Empower your sales and marketing teams with the flexibility they need to structure and offer products and packaging to drive superior results. Simplify your accounting functions, automate your customer communications, reduce revenue leakage and churn, increase cost recovery, all while saving time and money. 

As an IO Venture Path company, you will be eligible for Fusebill’s Invest Ottawa Promo Plan, which includes: 

  • Fusebill’s $99 Start-Up Plan which includes our Billing and Subscription Management platform with all features, please click here for a feature description: 
  • The $99 monthly subscription fee will be waved for the first 12 months. 
  • A 1.5% fee will be charged on any revenue billed more than $25,000 per month, in the first 12 months (the standard Start-Up plan charges a 1.5% fee on all revenue billed). 
  • Implementation or onboarding, a $1,500 value at no charge, providing it is completed within 45 days of the Kick-Off meeting/call. 
  • Direct access to our management team and various subject matter experts (collectively over 200 years of SaaS experience). 

At the end of the 12-month period: 

  • The Invest Ottawa Promotional Plan will automatically migrate to our standard $99 per month – 1.5% Start-Up plan. Please click here for public pricing information. 
  • Participating companies can stay on the $99 Start-Up plan or migrate to any of Fusebill’s Rapid Growth plans (flat-rate plans without any fees based on revenue) and receive 10% off the published price. 
QuickBooks: Get up to 75% off your plan for 6 months

Quick Books

IO Venture Path companies are eligible to save 75% off their first 6 months using all QuickBook plans

Manage your business anywhere, anytime with QuickBooks- the #1 accounting software for small businesses. QuickBooks helps small businesses save an average of $2,500 per year. 

Please note that this discount is applied to new QuickBooks accounts only. 

Wagepoint: 15% off for life


Wagepoint is a small-but-mighty fintech company on a mission to simplify payroll – and maybe even dare to make it delightful! Our online software was created just for small businesses, automating the most “ugh” parts of payroll – like calculating wages and reporting on taxes – so that our customers can get back to doing, well, literally anything else. Backed by the world’s friendliest team, Wagepoint is always supportive, never stuffy and refreshingly human.

IO Venture Path companies are eligible for 15% off web pricing for the life of your contract!

Carta: 20% off for your first year


Carta helps private companies manage their cap tables, issue securities, run liquidity events and get 409A valuations. Carta is mapping the global ownership network, so our customers can facilitate transparency and liquidity between their shareholders. Carta manages hundreds of billions of dollars in equity for more than 10,000 private companies, public companies, and investors including Slack, Coinbase, Flexport, and August Capital. Founded in 2012, Carta has raised $67 million from Union Square Ventures, Spark Capital, Menlo Ventures, and Social Capital. 

IO Venture Path companies that sign up for Carta will receive a 20% discount on their first-year subscription and waived implementation fees. This offer is available only for companies that are new to Carta. 

Pocketed: FREE Basic subscription

Pocketed logo

Pocketed helps companies across North America access billions of dollars in grants, tax credits, and incentives with a proprietary intelligent matching platform and funding solutions. Since launching in 2021, more than 13,000 businesses have used Pocketed to access over $100M in government funding. Money to fund new hires, export internationally, invest in innovation, and more.
As an IO Venture Path company, you’re eligible for a FREE Pocketed Basic subscription and a 26% discount on Pocketed Plus subscriptions. Through our partnership, you can also access exclusive discounts on grant writing services. When reaching out to the community team, please let us know which of the offers you’d like to take advantage of. 
Profitual: Up to 50% off onboarding fees


Reach your startup’s potential with Profitual – the most affordable and tailored financial planning platform for underserved entrepreneurs. Craft compelling financial models, captivate investors, and reveal your company’s true worth.

As an IO Venure Path company, you will be eligible for 33% off Profitual’s onboarding fee upon signing a 1-year contract. If you are a women-led or minority-led startup, you qualify for 50% off the onboarding fee.

DocSend by Dropbox

DropboxDucSend Logo
DocSend allows you to securely share your pitch deck and streamline fundraising. With DocSend, you maintain control over sensitive fundraising documents, know which investors are engaging with your decks and get real-time, actionable feedback with document analytics.

IO Venture Path companies are eligible for up to 90% off your first year (discount amount depends on the amount of funding you’ve raised).

BetterHelp: 50% off your first month


With a mission to make professional therapy accessible, affordable, and convenient, BetterHelp is the world’s largest professional online therapy network, with 25,000 licensed therapists and nearly 3 Million people receiving help. Simply take the quiz and get matched to a therapist that fits your needs within 24 hours. Schedule your first live video, phone, or live chat therapy session and start your journey to a happier, healthier you. Switch therapists or cancel anytime. 

IO Venture Path companies and their employees get 50% off their first month of BetterHelp. On top of weekly live therapy sessions, you also get: 

  • Unlimited messaging with your therapist 
  • Group webinars led by mental health professionals 
  • Journaling tools 
  • Worksheets 
BambooHR: Elevate your employee experience and get 35% off



BambooHR is the leading online HR software provider helping small and medium businesses elevate the value of their HR function. Their intuitive interface, streamlined implementation process, and responsive support team make it an obvious choice for HR Software. This best-in-class software gives you everything you need to automate your operational day-to-day HR tasks, and access to tons of helpful resources you can use to elevate your practice, generate new revenue streams, elevate your HR process and protect yourself against your competition. 

Looking for something more robust or customizable than their basic offering? No problem – check out their Apps Marketplace to see all the seamless integrations they offer. 

IO Venture Path companies can take advantage of 35% off of new BambooHR implementation.  

Crescendo: Get 20% off for D&I education programs

StartupPerksPartner-Crescendo-LogoCrescendo is a leading inclusion software platform. By delivering personalized microlearning opportunities for employees that save HR teams 70% of the time it takes to launch and maintain meaningful D&I education programs, Crescendo can help you scale your inclusion strategy worldwide and build cultural competence and belonging into corporate cultures in ways that are measurable and scalable over time. 

IO Venture Path companies are eligible for Crescendo‘s startup package for 20% off the monthly subscription for your first year. 

EmbaarqHR: Get access to all-in-one HR Solution for free


Business Sherpa Group was created because of a passion to help smaller organizations thrive, and a firm belief that the size of a business shouldn’t limit its potential. EmbaarqHR brings together our team of experts with leading technologies to provide the maximum possible support to SMEs in the most efficient way possible. 

By working as part of your team, Business Sherpa Group provides full-spectrum business support. Their “experts + technology” approach to Human Resources, Managed Recruitment, Bookkeeping and Executive Solutions allows organizations to grow, improve performance and spend more time focused on achieving their goals knowing their critical backend business functions are taken care of. Senior and operational experts utilize leading technologies to help businesses thrive by having access to the same kinds of resources large organizations have – but in just the right amount needed. 

IO Venture Path companies are eligible for free implementation of EmbaarqHR as well as your first month of services at no charge.

Humi: $1,500 off implementation fee and 20% discount on all services


Humi is the leading all-in-one people solution for Canadian businesses. Serving businesses nationwide, Humi supports and enables employers to take better care of their most important asset: their people. Before Humi, there was no truly unified solution that tied together all of the intricacies of employment for Canadian businesses. 

Humi can help you: 

  • Manage payroll 
  • Securely store all of your employee documents 
  • Track time off 
  • Streamline Performance Management 

IO Venture Path companies are eligible for 20% off the total cost for life and Humi will waive the $1,500 Implementation! You must be a new client of Humi to redeem this perk. 

Litespace: Reconnect employees in hybrid companies (75% off your first 3 months)


Venture Path logo

Litespace is a SaaS platform built to reconnect employees in hybrid companies. From startups to large enterprises, Litespace improves employee engagement, corporate culture, and productivity. With offerings focused on smart schedule recommendations, event planning, office analytics and slack integration, they help empower employees to strengthen relationships, increase morale, and foster emotional connections. 

They also provide a proprietary method to calculate your hybrid office culture score. This insight will guide you on how to build a strong hybrid culture in this new environment and also help you improve your retention rate and maintain employee satisfaction. 

IO Venture Path companies are eligible to use Litespace’s premium monthly/annual plan for 75% off during the first 3 months. 

Time by Wagepoint: 10% off for life


The SERIOUSLY simple time & attendance software for small businesses with hourly employees. Time by Wagepoint makes employee time and attendance tracking as it should be — uncomplicated.

IO Venture Path companies can enjoy 10% off web pricing for the life of your contract!

People by Wagepoint: 10% off for life

People by Wagepoint

People by Wagepoint is your one-stop employee resource tool. All function and no fluff, People helps small businesses organize employee information and support compliance.

IO Venture Path companies can enjoy 10% off web pricing for the life of your contract!

Cowan: Enhanced coverage at a lower cost


As your tech business grows, your risk management needs evolve, and TechLife® can help. Powered by Cowan Insurance Group, TechLife provides end-to-end risk management, business insurance, and benefits programs for tech start-ups, scale ups, and enterprises. Work with an expert who understands your risk management needs, so you can focus time and effort on your business. 

Info on the TechLife difference: 

  • In 2012, Cowan Insurance Group recognized a need for an affordable start up groups benefit plan that would empower local tech companies to compete for top talent. 
  • They created TechLife®, a pooled program that provides tech companies with higher coverage, competitive pricing, and improved rate stability. 
  • Since its creation, TechLife® program has grown to cover more than 2,300 employees and almost 3000 dependents in over 150 companies across Canada. 
  • Tech Life provides you with enhanced coverage at lower cost. 

View the Tech Life Benefit Brochure. 

Asana: 6 months free

Asana logo

Asana is a powerful project management tool that is particularly well-suited for startups. With Asana, startups can streamline their workflows, track projects and tasks, and collaborate more effectively across teams. Asana provides a range of features designed to help startups stay organized and on track. These include customizable dashboards, task lists, calendars, and project timelines. Asana also integrates with a wide range of other tools commonly used by startups, including Slack, Google Drive, and Trello.

All IO Venture Path companies can get access to an eligible paid Asana plan completely free for six months. Offer is exclusive for new users to Asana, or users on a free account.

DialPad: 10 FREE lifelong seats of Dialpad talk and Uber Conferences

Dialpad logo

In need of a main company number, sales/customer service lines, or video conferencing? Dialpad’s mission is to make business communications great. 

Built on the Google Cloud Platform for unmatched security, reliability and scale, Dialpad’s product suite covers the full range of modern business communications needs with Dialpad Talk, Dialpad Support and UberConference solutions all powered by VoiceAI. Today more than 55,000 of the world’s most innovative businesses use Dialpad and its seamless integrations with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 to be more productive. 

As an IO Venture Path company, Dialpad offers 10 free, lifelong seats of Dialpad Talk (business phone lines) and UberConference (video conferencing). As your startup grows, you can take advantage of scaled discounts on additional licenses, never paying full price for any Dialpad products. Another major plus, video conferencing is always free for unlimited users! 

Valid for new Dialpad customers only. 

Fellow: 50% off your first year

Fellow logoVenture Path logo




Fellow is the top-rated meeting productivity and team management software. Empower your team to build great meeting habits through collaborative agendas, real-time note-taking, and time-saving templates.

IO Venture Path clients with fewer than 50 employees will get 50% off Fellow’s pro features for an entire year. Companies with 50+ employees will get 25% off for the first year.

Linear: First 6 months free

Linear is a better way to build products. Meet the new standard for modern software development. Streamline issues, sprints, and product roadmaps.

IO Venture Path companies get 6 months free on any new Linear Standard or Linear Plus accounts (must have less than 50 employees).

Notion: 6 months free

Notion logo

Notion is a workspace that adapts to your needs. It’s as minimal or as powerful as you need it to be Thousands of startups use this plan to run a wiki, manage projects, share documents, and more — all in one highly customizable workspace. 

IO Venture Path companies are eligible for 6-months of free Notion towards a Plus plan and Unlimited AI! Thousands of startups use this plan to run a wiki, manage projects, share documents, and more — all in one highly customizable workspace.

Slenke: Free starter package for a year

Slenke is a collaborative project management software for teams to securely communicate, manage projects, assign tasks, track time and more. It helps to keep tasks on track without shifting through emails, spreadsheets and endless meetings.

IO Venture Path companies are eligible to receive a free Starter package for the 1st year.

Borderless: $10,000 hiring credits to use towards your first hire

borderlessVenture Path logo




Borderless allows innovative companies to enhance value quickly in the fast-evolving world of work by providing the right tech workforce for their unique, on-demand workplace. Borderless enables businesses to have instant matches to pre-vetted tech talent, from a pool of qualified tech talent from over 100 countries. 

Borderless hires and manages the workforce for you, so you don’t have to worry about the legal or compliance complexities of hiring and retaining talent in your company! 

IO Venture Path companies are eligible for US$10,000 hiring credits to use towards your first 5 hires through Borderless. 

Oomple: Get the right freelancers for $39 /month

OompleVenture Path logo

Oomple is the global marketplace empowering the next generation of on-demand professionals- such as consultants and freelancers – connecting them directly to companies seeking an agile workforce. With over 50,000 thoroughly vetted professionals, Oomple’s goal is to match you quickly and effectively with the right talent. 

By joining the platform, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits including: 

  • An active network of vetted professionals. 
  • Unlimited access to posts, searches, communication, and matches. 
  •  Direct communication and mass messaging capabilities. 
  • Networking tools to help you build your network, create wish lists and build your company brand. 
  • Cost-saving features that minimize the time and effort required for searching, vetting and matching. 

IO Venture Path companies can take advantage of a lifetime discount on Oomple’s monthly and 6-months membership. The discounted pricing options are as follows: 

$39/month (original value: $99) for unlimited access to the platform. 

$29/month (original value: $89) for a 6-month membership with a two-week free trial included. 

Typescouts: full-time remote hiring for 1/3rd the cost of a local hire ($1000 off)

Typescouts enables startups to hire premium, pre-vetted offshore talent for up to 80% less than local equivalents.

Typescounts connects you to pre-vetted offshore talent, looking for a full-time contract, whom you can’t find on freelance portals. They help attract the top 1% of candidates, and manage the entire sourcing and vetting process, so you only interview the top 2-3 hand-picked candidates.

Typescouts offer:

  • Zero-cost to interview: only pay a one-time placement fee if you choose to hire someone.
  • Avg time to hire: 1.5 weeks; also, they work in your timezone.
  • Each hire comes with a 90 Day Happy Hire Guarantee – if the person doesn’t work out in the first 90 days, they’ll find a replacement for free.
  • Roles covered: software engineering, development, creative, finance, sales, operations, admin, virtual assistant. Almost any junior – senior remote role.

IO Venture Path companies receive a $3,000USD total credit: $1,000USD off the placement fee per hire, for the first 3 hires you make.

Apollo: 80% off your first year


Founded in 2015, Apollo is a leading data intelligence and sales engagement platform trusted by 40,000 paying customers, from rapidly growing startups to some of the largest global enterprises. Its community-based approach to crowdsourcing data gives users maximum coverage while ensuring data accuracy.

Apollo’s advanced algorithms and unique data acquisition methods help 1 million sales professionals enrich and analyze prospects’ data to increase quality conversations and opportunities. 


  • An active IO Venture Path company
  • Less than 20 employees
  • Have a valid corporate domain

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can receive 80% off up to 5 seats on an annual Basic or Professional Plan for one year.

Hootsuite: Free 90 Day Trial


Enhance your social media management with Hootsuite, the leading social media dashboard. Manage multiple networks and profiles and measure your audience engagement from one secure, web-based dashboard. 

IO Venture Path companies are exclusively eligible for a 90-day free trial. 

Hoppier: 20% off your first year

HoppierVenture Path logoAre you sending old-fashioned gift cards or vouchers to employees or clients for lunches, coffees, or gifts around the world? Hoppier makes it incredibly easy to send beautifully branded (with your logo) pre-paid Visa cards to large groups of your employees or clients in 60+ countries in just a few clicks. The best part is that unlike traditional gift cards or vouchers; any unused cards go back into your account!

IO Venture Path companies get 20% off their first year!

Hotjar: Free 3 months of Observe Business Plan with 500 Daily Sessions



Hotjar is a website heatmaps and behaviour analytics tool. Get inspired with endless new ideas to improve your product and grow your business with reliable user insights. Understand how users behave on your website, what they need, and how they feel with Hotjar’s heatmaps, recordings, feedback and surveys. 

This perk is exclusively available to IO Venture Path companies. To qualify for this perk you must be a new user of Hotjar. 

Hubspot: 75% off in year 1 and 50% off in year 2

HubSpot for Startups

Whether you need to increase leads, accelerate sales, or streamline customer service, HubSpot’s marketing, sales CRM, and customer service software solutions are designed to help companies grow more effectively and efficiently. With HubSpot for Startups, you get access to the same powerful suite of tools at a fraction of the cost. 

  • IO Venture Path companies with less than $2 million in funding are eligible for 75% off in your first year using HubSpot, 50% in year two, and 25% in year three.
  • Startups who have raised over $2 million, but have not raised Series B or beyond, are eligible for 50% off in their first year, and 25% off in year 2.
  • Startups who have raised Series B or beyond are eligible for 30% off in year 1 and 15% off in year 2.
  • Discount applies to new hubs or add-ons only.
Leaderfeeder: 20% lifetime discount

Leadfeeder is a lead generation and sales intelligence tool for B2B companies. Their mission is to maximize your business’ growth by helping you identify, qualify and connect with companies on your website and better align your sales and marketing teams. 

Built on Google Analytics, Leadfeeder helps customers to understand their website traffic. Coupled with our native integrations with widely used CRM solutions and collaboration tools, you have the power to turn your website visitors into sales leads by discovering companies that visit your website, where they click and what they’re interested in. With Leadfeeder, you can unleash the power of anonymous website identification to gain the insights needed to power your sales efforts. 

IO Venture Path companies get a lifetime discount of 20% at the time of purchase.  

Outreach: 10% off on new Outreach licenses

OutreachOutreach is the world’s leading Sales Engagement Platform that helps you efficiently and effectively engage prospects to close more deals to grow your revenue faster and more predictably. Make your marketing and sales teams a revenue-driving machine by freeing up their time so they can focus on engagement, target high-value prospects, and find out where prospects are in your sales and marketing funnels and move them through pipelines with the correct marketing methods. 

A 10% discount is eligible for new Outreach licenses only. The discount value is determined on a sliding, ‘pay-per-seat’ scale. 

Snappa: 1 year free, Snappa Team Plan

SnappaVenture Path logo




Snappa helps marketers, entrepreneurs, and non-designers create online graphics in a snap. It’s super easy to whip up graphics for social media, ads, blogs, and more! 

IO Venture Path companies get a team plan (valued at $240) free for a year. 

VirtualAd: Up to $4,150 annual value

Virtual Ad

VirtualAd is a platform that pairs your business with an in-house team of experienced marketers who handle your advertising, and simple software to keep track of how it’s growing your business. Benefit from: 

  1. Free marketing plan 
  2. Pay-as-you-go advertising 
  3. No setup fees 
  4. No commitments 
  5. Dedicated marketer 
  6. Performance guarantees 
  7. Real-time reports (desktop/mobile) 
  8. Referral discounts 

IO Venture Path companies are eligible for $200 off their first month of online advertising and a 10% lifetime discount each month thereafter (Eligible Plans: Starter, Micro, Boutique, Venture, Enterprise). You will also have access to our catalogue of à la carte marketing services at an exclusive 10% lifetime discount. All discounts are available only to companies currently affiliated with Invest Ottawa. 

Zendesk: 6 months free and 15% off first year

zendeskZendesk is a service-first CRM company with support, sales, and customer engagement products designed to improve customer relationships. With Zendesk for Startups, IO Venture Path companies receive exclusive benefits including 6 months of free access to Zendesk Suite and Zendesk Sales CRM, 15% off their first annual subscription, and access to onboarding support, educational content and our community.

Key Benefits:
  • Six months of Zendesk Suite and Zendesk Sales CRM for free
  • 15% discount off first annual subscription after initial 6 month free period
  • Additional benefits including onboarding support, educational content and community
  • Must be a new Zendesk customer
  • Must have fewer than 100 employees
  • Must have raised funding that does not exceed Series B
Drata: 50% off compliance automation

Logo for Drata

Drata is the world’s most advanced security and compliance automation platform with the mission of making compliance effortless and accessible for companies of all sizes. With Drata, thousands of companies streamline over 19 compliance frameworks—such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and more—through continuous, automated control monitoring and evidence collection, resulting in a fortified security posture, lower costs, and less time spent preparing for audits.

IO Venture Path companies get 50% off platform + 1 framework for the first year + FREE 30-day vCISO consulting.

Fortress Intangible Asset Management (IAM): Save 25%

Fortress IAMVenture Path logo

Fortress IAM is an Intangible Asset Management system designed specifically for SMEs. Built by IP experts, this user-friendly and cost-effective SaaS solution makes managing intangibles – such as patents, trade secrets, contracts, and more – a breeze. With better business insights and more strategic growth opportunities. Fortress IAM gives SMEs a clear line of sight on their most valuable assets. 

Key benefits: 

  • Centralize and manage your most valuable assets. 
  • Securely share and collaborate with advisors to stay organized. 
  • Track important due dates on your personalized dashboard.
  • Run reports on demand for improved decision-making.
  • Breeze through due diligence with organized data rooms. 

IO Venture Path companies get a 25% discount to license the platform with as many users or collaborators as you would like. 

Reshift Security: 2-4 months free on annual plan

reshiftVenture Path logo

Reshift Security is a code security tool built for developers to find and fix security vulnerabilities in their custom code. They help startups and scale-ups implement and mature their application security programs, improve security bugs’ identification and remediation rates, and experience fewer false positives. 

IO Venture Path companies are eligible to receive the following discount: 

  1. Pro Plan ($99/month) – 2 months free on an annual plan
  2. Team Plan ($299/month) –  4 months free on an annual plan

All the above packages will receive: 

  1. Writing Secure Code training 
  2. OWASP Top 10 
  3. Custom team onboarding
  4. Support 
Vanta: 20% off the first year


Vanta is the easy way to achieve compliance certifications such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, and more. Thousands of SMBs trust Vanta to automate their security monitoring and get ready for compliance audits in weeks instead of months. Simply connect your tools to Vanta, fix the gaps on your customized dashboard, and then work with a Vanta-trained auditor to complete your certification. 

IO Venture Path companies get: 

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager for onboarding and implementation 
  • A Vanta in-house compliance specialist for questions during audit 
  • 20% of your first year with Vanta 

Check out this one-pager to learn more. 

FlutterFlow: 75% off first 6 months

FlutterFlow is an application development environment to visually develop multilingual native iOS, Android, Web and desktop applications. Over 1.2M developers from over 200 countries build apps in FlutterFlow.

IO Venture Path companies get 75% off FlutterFlow Pro for 6 monhts.

MathWorks: Maximize your programming and simulation potential with 1 year of free access to MATLAB & Simulink


MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software. MATLAB, the language of engineers and scientists, is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numeric computation. Simulink, on the other hand, is a powerful graphical environment that enables users to design, simulate, and test systems without needing to write C, C++, CUDA, or HDL code. 

Technology startups worldwide rely on these product families to accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation, and development in automotive, aerospace, electronics, renewable energy, financial services, biotech, and other industries. 

More than 5000 startups have benefited from the support provided by MathWorks. Here are a few examples of startups that have leveraged MATLAB and Simulink to drive innovation: 

  • How Ather Energy used MATLAB to simulate tests and put its bikes on the road. 
  • Developing Safety Solutions for Swaying Payloads with Simulink. 
  • Combining Artificial Intelligence and Footwear Improves Diabetes Treatment. 

All Invest Ottawa Venture Path Clients can sign up to receive: 

  • 1 year of free access to MATLAB & Simulink, and more than 100+ add-ons. 
  • Up to 10 licenses for their team. 
  • Engineering support from MathWorks experts. 
  • MATLAB Central, a user community of 100,000+ members. 
  • 100+ hours of MathWorks Training at no cost. 
Bubble: $500 in credits

Bubble is a software development platform that enables anyone to build and launch fully functional web applications without writing code.

·       Build any web app with no code
·       Design powerful products
·       Unlock full-stack functionality
·       Scale with a built-in database
·       Collaborate with others on your app

IO Venture Path companies get $500 in Bubble credits for your first 3 months

InVision App: 6 months free


InVisionApp is the world’s leading prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform. 

Invest Ottawa Venture Path Clients are eligible for 6 months free of InVisionApp. If you are already an InVisionApp account owner, we will work with our partners at InVisionApp to get you an account upgrade. 

 If you already have an account, please email your username to the IO Community Team who will send details to apply the upgrade. 

PageCloud: 40% discount


Your website is often your first point of contact with new customers. It’s critical that the experience is effective and differentiated. 

Built in the Byward Market, PageCloud knows first-hand what it means to be a local startup. Launched in 2015, PageCloud is now trusted by customers in over 100 countries. 

No code. No approximations. Get exactly what you want with the support you need to get there from the #1 rated site builder on TrustPilot. 

PageCloud is proud to support the community with an exclusive promo for IO Venture Path companies (includes a free domain and G Suite for professional email). Everything you need to get online and grow your business today. 

Valid for 1st payment on new subscriptions.
*Certain conditions apply. 

Canadian Women's Network: 20% off Growth Membership

Canadian Women's Network

The Canadian Women’s Network (CWN) is the preeminent community that connects Canadian women founders with an influential network of US investors, operators and executive leaders to help them grow locally and scale globally.

A few Growth Membership benefits:

  1. Be part of a community of 900+ Canadian female founders building technologies and solutions to change the world
  2. Annual Pitch Deck review session with CWN’s founder or an expert / investor in your field
  3. Pitch to US investors for feedback and receive tactical business advice via our private Mentor offering
  4. Apply to be featured in our Founder Spotlight series
  5. Access our proprietary Investor Directory
  6. Invitation to be featured in Disruption Magazine’s Startups to Watch

IO Venture Path companies will receive a 20% discount on Growth Membership and 20% off CWN’s Pathway to Silicon Valley Signature Program.

LearnExperts: 50% off for 2 years

Venture Path logoLearnExperts LEAi is a Generative AI learning content authoring platform that enables organizations to rapidly build learning and training content so that you can save 67% time and money with a tool that helps you get started right away. C allows you to use raw source content, upload it into the platform and LEAi applies a best practice learning methodology and generates learning content in seconds from the content you uploaded. Then you can choose from multiple ways to export your course in the click of a button (eLearning, microlearning, instructor-led and video).

Your subscription includes unlimited web hosting, technical support and platform updates. We’ll provide you with free onboarding support and tips and tricks on building training content.

Year One and Two:

Regular Pricing: $3,000 per user/per year + HST (paid in advance)

Discount Offered: $1,500 per user/per year + HST (paid in advance)

Make: Automate anything for FREE your first year – no coding required

Make is a visual platform that empowers Startups to design, build, and automate anything – from tasks and workflows to creating powerful solutions that scale with your business’ growth – without the need for coding skills.

IO Venture Path companies can access Make for FREE their first year!

NotaryPro: 15% off notary services

Venture Path logo

NotaryPro enables businesses to get legal documents notarized or commissioned online in under 7 minutes. Our goal is to make notarization easy and remove accessibility barriers — so users can get documents notarized from the comfort of their homes or offices.


We also offer free, AI-powered legal document templates that empower businesses to draft legal documents without a lawyer. By filling out a few fields, users can create and customize perfectly formatted, legally recognized documents.


Our secure and user-friendly proprietary app is trusted by over 350,000 clients and is protected by cutting-edge security technology. Our commitment to innovation has pushed us to the leading edge of fast, friendly, convenient, and affordable notary services.

As an IO Venture Path company, you will receive an unlimited 15% discount on notary services for business and personal documents.


OWNR: Register your business for 25% off web pricing

Ownr provides entrepreneurs with best-in-class tools, education, partnerships, advice, and community support throughout their journey, 
so that they can start, run, and grow their businesses successfully.


IO Venture Path companies can take advantage of 25% off of OWNR’s fees for business registration or incorporation. You’ll also be eligible for their RBC cashback offer – up to $300 off of your business registration if you open an RBC business bank account. See details here.

Signority: Unlock exclusive eSignature savings – Secure, Canadian, Trusted.

signorityVenture Path logo

For over a decade, Signority has been at the forefront of eSignature technology in North America, offering robust solutions that businesses trust.

  • Canadian-Owned Excellence: Proudly Canadian-owned and operated, ensuring your data never leaves the secure boundaries of Canada.
  • Unwavering Data Protection: Adherence to Canadian PIPEDA and all provincial privacy acts, guaranteeing the highest levels of privacy.
  • Certified Security: Our platforms are SOC 2 Type 2 and CSAL Cloud Security Level 2 certified, reflecting our commitment to secure and reliable eSignature solutions.

Signority kindly offers the following discounts for all IO Venture Path companies.

  • 50% off your first year
  • Year 2: 20% off the web pricing
  • Year 3 and forward: 5% permanent discount off the web pricing
Stripe Atlas Network: Incorporate your new company in the U.S

Stripe Atlas Network

Start your company in a few clicks: 

  • Incorporate in the US from anywhere in the world. Join more than 40,000 companies already using Atlas. 

Get everything you need to run your business: 

  • Set up banking, payroll, accounting, cloud computing, and more with $100K in exclusive discounts. 

Charge your customers—for free: 

  • Share a payment link, send an invoice, or embed checkout. We’ll waive your first year of Stripe Payments fees. 
TutorOcean: 10% off tutor hourly session


TutorOcean is a global tutoring marketplace that enables learners to connect with tutors anytime and anywhere. From math help to language learning, exam prep tests to music lessons, their vetted tutors cover the widest range of topics and grade levels to fit any budget. 

Every tutoring session includes a virtual classroom with built-in whiteboards and live video – where you can easily interact with tutors to help achieve your learning goals. 

IO Venture Path companies are eligible for 10% off of all Tutor hourly sessions.

Google Cloud: Up to $200,000 USD in credits

Get access to startup experts, your Google Cloud and Firebase costs covered up to $200,000 USD (up to $350,000 USD for AI startups) over 2 years, technical training, business support, and Google-wide offers. Learn more and apply here.

Typeform: 75% off

When you’re growing fast, you need a tool that can keep up. So we’re giving startups an exclusive—and massive—discount, so you can get closer to your goals, faster. With a Business plan, you get:

  • VIP support
  • More responses
  • More integrations
  • More seats for your team, and that’s just the start…

Learn more and apply here.

JetBrains: 50% off for 5 years

JetBrains’ tools speed up production, giving developers the freedom to grow, discover, collaborate, and create. Learn more and apply here.