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Invest Ottawa currently runs multiple intellectual property (IP) programs and can provide referrals to other IP programs where appropriate. The good news is we’ve harmonized these resources into a central access point with our IP team and IP advisors.

With a competitive landscape where tech firms compete to get market share, the role of intellectual property (IP) is becoming an increasingly important factor of success. Get ahead of the game and ensure you know the threats and opportunities of IP. Invest Ottawa has resources to support your IP needs and to recommend next steps in your IP journey

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IP Advisory

Meet with one of our IP Advisors for 1:1 advisory support. This service includes:

  • Support to help prioritize what aspects of IP to focus on given your stage and sector.
  • Review and plan your IP Strategy and how your innovations can be transformed into valuable IP assets or explore options like employment contracts and open-source software licenses.
  • Access to subject matter experts for IP assessments and referrals to IP professionals for IP strategy development.
  • Recommendations for educational resources to help you further understand your IP requirements and priorities.
  • Advisory information on the next steps for your IP, including applying for grants from one of Invest Ottawa’s programs.

IP Funding

  • Our IP team and advisors can help you navigate the various funding programs available in Ontario, including ElevateIP, IP Assist and IPON.
  • Help prioritize the appropriate funding to apply for, including recommending you apply for ElevateIP funding directly via Invest Ottawa
  • For other IP programs, assist with the application process and endorse your application as an official referral partner for IP Assist and IPON.
  • Strategically help you maximize the IP funding for your firm over time, which could be in excess of $100,000 for firms if they utilize all eligible programs (although typically $10,000-$35,000).
  • Funding can be applied to a number of activities, including:
    • Competitive landscape brief to analyze scientific or technological trends and make go/no-go decisions on new market opportunities, new products, and competitive risk.
    • IP strategy development including an IP strategy laying out your firms go-forward long-term IP plan, including patent, trademark, licensing and trade secret strategies and searches.
    • IP asset creations, including patent applications, trademark application, out-licensing agreements, copyright registration, and more.

Interested? Contact your Client Experience Coordinator or email [email protected].

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How IP can make an impact:


Protect your brand. Include your
company’s trademarks in your marketing material.


A unique IP can be a strong advantage
for differentiating products from competition as it makes it harder for competitors to copy their products.


Confidentiality and IP ownership
agreements with employees so the company owns the IP they developed.


The expenses for IP can be accrued.

Revenue Generation

Patents can be licensed to other
companies and can generate additional
revenue. Patents can also increase
the value of an exit.


Ownership of IP property can represent
a plus for an investor.

Our Programs


ElevateIP is designed to support the improvement of IP Knowledge, the development of IP Strategy, and the creation of IP assets for startups in Eastern Ontario.

Invest Ottawa, Launch Lab, and Spark Centre are collaborating with Communitech and ISED to deliver a 3-tiered program:

  • Tier 1: IP Education through training sessions, workshops, and online resources.
  • Tier 2: IP Strategy development including patent mining and prior art searches, trademark searches, agreement reviews, and more.
  • Tier 3: IP Creation such as patent drafting/filing/prosecution, trademark registrations, licensing agreement creation, Open-Source audits, and more.

Get the support and services your business needs to assist in understanding and managing your company’s intellectual property.

Am I eligible to apply?

You can apply if:

  • You’re a Canadian-Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC) which owns or has exclusive rights to the IP looking to be protected;
  • Your company is headquartered in Eastern-Ontario;
  • Your company has less than 500 full-time employees;

Note: eligibility does not require your company to be an Invest Ottawa client.

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Strategic Partners

Invest Ottawa is an ElevateIP Recipient: a national program of Innovation, Science and Economic Development in Canada leading in intellectual property support for startups in Ontario.

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IP Assist (delivered by Invest Ottawa)

IP Assist, an IRAP funded program, is available to companies to increase their IP knowledge and to better understand the threats and opportunities specific to their innovation and business. This program is structured into two steps:

  • Level 1 – IP Education: receive 2 hours with an IP Professional to better understand IP and what role IP can play in transforming your innovation into valuable IP assets.
  • Level 2 – Robust IP Strategy Up to $18k in funding to provide your company with an analysis of the technical and competitive landscape of your innovation along with providing a prioritized IP action plan that will support your company in making go/no-go decisions on new market opportunities, new products, and competitive risk.

To access this program, you must be an existing IRAP client with an ITA assigned.

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Run by the province, Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON) is focused on six subsectors with its IP support – MedTech, life sciences, artificial intelligence, vehicle technology, and mining and advanced manufacturing.

IPON has three streams to apply: Bootcamp, Referrals (through RICs like Invest Ottawa), and Self-Guided.

Visit IPON’s application page to review eligibility requirements. If this program is a better fit for your team, Invest Ottawa can make referrals to the IPON team.

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Success Stories

Leynek Medical logo

Leynek Medical

Leynek Medical has created an application for chronic care patients to manage their care. “We’re aiming to ease the chronic care journey for oncology patients by helping them with managing their symptoms and sharing their health status with their families and friends,” says Thomas Fletcher, CTO and co-founder. “Cancer patients are our primary focus, but it’s a broader market, which we will expand as we grow. There’s applicability for COPD patients and also those with heart failure.”

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Yellowbird Diagnostics has built a better mousetrap in molecular medicine. It’s being praised for its potential for earlier detection of cancers, inflammatory disease, and cardiovascular disease, among others. And now, the company has protected its intellectual property thanks to a unique program called ElevateIP through Invest Ottawa.

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