How did you land this position?

I am a 2nd year student in computer science at the University of Toronto. I applied online via Work in Ottawa from Toronto. After connecting with Leely Tan, Talent Sourcer at Invest Ottawa, I landed an interview with Rogue Data, an Ottawa-based SaaS startup in workflow automation. A few months later I signed with the company!

What is your favorite part about your new job?

The projects I work on and learning how vast the technology field is. As my first job, this has been a huge stepping stone in helping me learn and grow in a field in which I’d like to create a long-lasting career.

How do you enjoy working remotely?

Working remotely (for now) has allowed me to carry on with my studies and earn real-world work experience. I am grateful Rogue Data offers flexible work hours which has opened a lot of opportunities for work-life balance and more time with family. However, relocating to Ottawa would be an exciting next step in developing my career in technology!