3 Reasons Ottawa is best in the world for digital entrepreneurs

Oct 12, 2016

A global index by Ernst & Young ranks Canada #1 overall, and the best country in the world for digital entrepreneurs to access finance. Ernst & Young’s 2016 G20 Digital Entrepreneurship Barometer assessed the world’s leading economies in their ability to support the best young, digital entrepreneurs.

The result: Canada placed within the top five of every category, including first for “access to finance.”

Ottawa epitomizes the qualities that lift Canada to the top of EY’s digital entrepreneurship index. Although often left out of city-level global rankings, Ottawa not only embodies many of the strengths associated with Canada’s reputation as a great place to live, work and own a business –it actually leads in them. Consider the following reasons EY rated Canada #1:

1. The most educated workforce in the developed world

Built upon world-leading universities and colleges and a top five global educational system, Canada is the OECD’s most educated country. Meanwhile, Ottawa has the most educated workforce in Canada.

2. An abundance of entrepreneurial youth, scientists and engineers

Digital knowledge and skills, and entrepreneurial education are two of the most important factors in enabling young people to thrive in the digital economy, according to Ernst & Young. Meanwhile, Ottawa is second only to Silicon Valley in terms of having the highest concentration of scientists and engineers in North America. In fact, among the four major post-secondary schools in Ottawa, a combined population of 138,000 people (about 1 in 5) are STEM focused.

3. A low cost, business friendly environment

While much of Canada can boast of having a superior quality of life, low business costs and competitive corporate tax rates, Ottawa also lays claim to being Canada’s most affordable place to live among large cities.

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