5 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Miss AccelerateOTT

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Jun 4, 2019
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By: Mariam Zohouri
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Why attend AccelerateOTT 2019?

The speaking roster alone would make anyone click BUY NOW

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AccelerateOTT 2019 speaker line-up.


But aside from the 18 stand-outs filling the stage at the NAC, what is it that makes AccelerateOTT, Ottawa’s entrepreneurship conference, THE conference to be at?

It didn’t take us long to develop a laundry list of “whys” – to make it manageable, we narrowed it down… 

Here are the top 5 reasons you can’t afford to miss AccelearateOTT:

Number 1 – Networking and Community


In his article An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Surviving Conference Season, first-time CEO and Founder of BodeTree, Chris Myers reminds us that conferences are only as valuable as you make them. Every minute is an opportunity to add value to your fledgling business. Carving out time to simply connect with peers can feel like a luxury, but the benefits of growing a trusted network of talent – from being able to fill skills gaps, validate ideas, share struggles and celebrate wins – is invaluable.   

At AccelerateOTTpeople from all corners of the entrepreneurial ecosystem unite under one roof, without the madness of packed, shoulder-to-shoulder crowds that are the signature of big-city events. This means you don’t have to scream over the noise to build meaningful connections with potential investors, vendors and clients who benefit from seeing your enthusiasm and passion first-hand.  

Number 2 – Understanding How Things Work 


It’s easy to get caught up in your big idea, in the intoxicating feeling of building something that you just know is going to take off. The danger comes when this passion blinds you from the realities of the marketplace.  

At AccelerateOTT, seasoned venture capitalists, angel investors, corporate partners, talented technologists, fellow entrepreneurs and mentors will be looking for the next big thing. Last year, our guests walked away with straight-forward and content-rich templates from our star-studded panel to up their game in marketing, growth, pitching and securing investment.  

No matter what stage you’re at, there is no better event to advance your understanding of what you need to do to pivot or raise capital.

Number 3 – Inspirational Stories 


Overcoming the novel hurdles and challenges that come with entrepreneurship requires dedication and drive that can be exhausting at best, paralyzing at worst.  

While buzzy tips and tricks can give entrepreneurs some workable tools to grow their business, the most valuable insight from today’s success stories can be the knowledge that before they were successful, they weren’t. 

At AccelerateOTT, a formidable lineup of speakers from diverse industries and backgrounds gives you more than just glossy takes from their winning streaks – they share, honestly, the things that they wish they knew when they were starting out, and remind us that success is our own to make it 

Number 4 – Access Talent

Corporations, Multinationals and Government 

Ottawa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is bursting at the seams with bright, game-changing founders. AccelerateOTT’s Pitchfest is making history with the largest investment of its kind – $150,000 – awarded to a single winner, drawing the cream of the crop to get in on the action. 

Throughout the event, building valuable, long-lasting connections with exciting, high-potential startups is as easy as showing up. There are countless opportunities to network – integrated right into the program – with impressive entrepreneurs throughout the day. Your task will be narrowing down and zeroing in on the new relationship(s) that can advance your work, and result in mutually beneficial rewards.

Number 5 – Actionable Insight  

Corporations, Multinationals and Government 

The world of entrepreneurship is rife with a head-spinning rotation of buzzwords that could call for its own dictionary. Keeping up can be tough, or tiring. Real-life support is key here. AccelerateOTT’s friendly environment fosters a dynamic space for cross-sector pollination, where attendees get to connect with and learn from diverse members of our ecosystem.  

This access empowers attendees with insight to understand the barriers that face modern entrepreneurs and the opportunities they can facilitate to propel their growth. Knowledge is power, and AccelerateOTT is brimming with experience and fresh perspectives. 

A turquoise fire ball with a circular outline of a maple lead at the centre of itThere you have it, the 5 reasons you (yes you, the entrepreneur,  the investor, the corporate, multinational or government employee) can’t afford to miss it.

Ottawa’s ecosystem is set to turbo speedand AccelerateOTT is where you need to be to keep your finger on the pulse of the action. Don’t miss a beat – connect with experts and peers, make life easier by learning from others, and build connections that lead to your next big move.

The countdown has already started; we’ll see you there on June 11 at AccelerateOTT!

Just don’t forget to purchase your ticket today – BUY IT NOW

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