Canada’s First Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Technology and Innovator Directory Announced

May 31, 2018

May 31, 2018 – Ottawa, ON – In celebration of National Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Day on May 31, 2018, the Kanata North Business Association (KNBA) is pleased to announce the development and launch of Canada’s first Autonomous Vehicle Technology and Innovator Directory in collaboration with Invest Ottawa and the Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence (CAVCOE). The first of its kind, this unique and valuable resource will provide a comprehensive overview of the growing number of contributors to Canada’s AV ecosystem. This will include innovators, companies, post-secondary institutions, and other organizations with AV technologies, solutions, and knowhow. 

Coast to coast, Canada is an AV powerhouse with AV clusters in key technology centres advancing Canadian AV innovation. As Canada’s AV Capital, Ottawa has more than 70 companies and organizations contributing technology and expertise in networking, software, cybersecurity and IoT to AVs and connected cars. Anchored by global AV leader BlackBerry QNX, more than 45 of the firms that comprise Ottawa’s AV cluster are located in Kanata North Technology Park, the largest of its kind in Canada. 

Justin Trudeau visits Blackberry QNX AVIC

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Visits BlackBerry QNX Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Centre (AVIC) – December 2016

“Today’s announcement of the Canadian Autonomous Vehicle Technology and Innovator Directory marks another ‘Canadian first’ to steward national awareness of our country’s position as a global leader in autonomous vehicles and related technologies. The Kanata North Business Association is proud to spearhead this effort in collaboration with Invest Ottawa and CAVCOE in order to establish coast to coast collaboration and access to partnerships that will strengthen Canada’s contribution to Autonomous Vehicle innovation globally,” said Jamie Petten, Executive Director, Kanata North Business Association.

“Over time, this directory will serve to demonstrate the broad spectrum of AV contributors, collaborators, companies and organizations supporting Canada’s role in advancing AV technologies globally. We hope through a collaborative effort of sharing, populating and promoting, the Directory will increase Ottawa’s visibility as a centre of AV excellence in order to bring the emerging connected car and AV technologies, products, services and applications developed in Ottawa and across the country to the global market.”

National Autonomous Vehicle Day was founded by Emerging Prairie, an entrepreneurial ecosystem platform, and American technology talk show host, Marlo Anderson to celebrate the advances in the Autonomous Vehicle industry and the potential opportunities for business and technology growth related to this innovative concept.

The launch of this Directory in conjunction with the celebration of Autonomous Vehicle Day in Canada brings a spotlight on Ottawa’s growing tech ecosystem. The Directory will be an open, community document (hosted in Google Sheets) to be populated initially by KNBA and Invest Ottawa with Kanata North and Ottawa based AV companies to start. The Directory will be shared with local and national community partners and promoted broadly to ensure continued sharing and awareness. Access the Directory here. The Directory will be available on the Ottawa AV Cluster website – a central resource for all AV related information, announcements and events.

Image of AV on the road and crowd watching it

First Test of AV on Ottawa Roads – October 2017

“Invest Ottawa is proud to collaborate with Kanata North Business Association and CAVCOE on the development and launch of this directory,” said Michael Tremblay, President and CEO of Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards. “It further reinforces Ottawa’s leadership in global AV innovation and internationally recognized strengths in communications technologies and cybersecurity.”

“This directory will also serve as an invaluable resource for AV innovators and companies across our ecosystem that are contributing intelligence to AVs and connected cars of the future. It will help to attract new AV R&D, business and investment to Canada’s Capital, and promote the unique capabilities available in our region. As recently announced, Ottawa will create of the first integrated AV test environment of its kind in North America. With a strong focus on safety and technology validation, it will enable innovators and firms to develop, test and commercialize new AV technologies.”

Working collaboratively, the Kanata North Business Association, Invest Ottawa, CAVCOE and the City of Ottawa as well as researchers and academics at Algonquin College, Carleton University and Ottawa University – all bring the awareness of the emerging connected car and AV technologies, products, services and applications developed in Ottawa and across the country to the global market.

“Canada already has a world class AV ecosystem that comprises regional clusters, technology companies, universities and colleges, and consulting companies,” said Barrie Kirk, Executive Director, Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence (CAVCOE). “This directory will help them come together as a national AV supercluster and that, in turn, will help Canada to capture an even greater share of the global AV and CV market.”

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