Discovering The Ottawa Advantage: Insights and Highlights from Season 13

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Jun 27, 2024

What’s the secret to success in business? After thirteen seasons of our hit podcast, we can safely say the answer is: Ottawa 

Locally, this is called the Ottawa Advantage, and it is a clear and present truth: businesses thrive in this city, but why? Season 13 of Invested in Our New Reality was a deep dive into The Ottawa Advantage – what it is, why it matters, and how local business leaders feel about living and working in the National Capital Region. 

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Eight guests joined the podcast and shared insights from their personal experience, their work, and their businesses and explored what it means to operate in Ottawa. These leaders and their businesses are a meaningful part of the fabric of this city, its business community, and its bright future. 

Our host this season was local radio legend Sam Laprade. No one knows this city better, and she is a trusted source of news and storytelling in Ottawa. With her thoughtful and practiced interview style, she delivered interesting, engaging interviews and a best-in-class podcast season. 

“I was often in awe of how humble and grateful the guests were,” Sam says. “Each person spoke about their remarkable journey and ambitious goals for the future while emphasizing the quality of life in the region as a big reason for headquartering their business in Ottawa or attracting and retaining talent.” 

As the season moved on, themes emerged, and the advantages of living and working in Ottawa became clearer: best-in-class technology partners, research and development innovation, government resources and connections, family-friendly neighbourhoods, exceptional post-secondary schools, and institutional support from organizations like our team at Invest Ottawa.  

For Sam, the guests’ genuine appreciation for the city, and happiness here, was a throughline for the season.   

“Many guests have grown their companies beyond their wildest dreams, yet each one spoke beautifully about how much they enjoy working, living, and playing in the Nation’s Capital,” she says.  

From stories of loyal entrepreneurs who have flourished to the strategic advantages that Ottawa offers, this season explored the impact of this city on the success and growth of businesses — and it’s great listening.   


The full season is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Simplecast. Here’s an individual rundown of each episode.

Episode 1: The Aggressive Good is betting big on green-tech supply chain solutions for the grocery marketplace, and CCO and Founder Geoffrey MacKay shares why they are proud to call Ottawa home.

Episode 2: Harpreet Geekee of Shabodi Telecommunications discusses why this future-first tech company expanded into Ottawa and shares why so many call this city “Silicon North.”  

A screenshot of the interview between guest Harpreet Geekee and Sam Laprade - as they have a conversation online.

Episode 3: Learn why Dana Borschewski, VP at Aurrigo, believes Ottawa is the exact right place to develop their brand of cutting-edge autonomous vehicles built to face any weather or road condition.  

Episode 4: Don’t miss this engaging, wide-ranging discussion with Nic Boileau, CEO of Ekidna Sensing — a cutting-edge start-up making a name for itself right here in the National Capital Region. 

Episode 5: Helping others is always a good idea. On this episode, Heather Desjardins sits down with Sam Laprade to discuss her growing do-good company, The Open Door Educational Services.

Episode 6: On this episode, Sam Laprade interviews Thusha Agampodi of Aurora Solar, a solar energy optimization leader with a global footprint and an office in Ottawa. 

A screenshot image between podcast guest Thusha Agampodi and host Sam Laprade during a virtual interview call.

Episode 7: Climate change, innovation, women in STEM, bilingualism — this episode has it all, with guest Vida Gabriel, the Co-Founder of TerraFixing, an Ottawa-based business on a mission to reach net zero.

Episode 8: Introducing a true Ottawa enthusiast, Martin Savard from bitHeads, inc., who closes out this season with his thoughts on what makes this city great, the benefits of cooperation and idea-sharing, and why balance — in life and work — is key to success.  

Thank you to our valued listeners, guests, and of course, our host, Sam Laprade.  

We launched Invested in Our New Reality in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic to explore the uncertainty and change unfolding around the world. With the encouragement of our guests and supporters, this podcast has grown into something bigger and better.  

We are thrilled to profile Ottawa-based companies navigating the unique challenges and opportunities necessary to achieve success,  and we can’t wait to be back next season. 

Until then, all episodes, including Season 13, are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Simplecast – or on our website at

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