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Apr 26, 2022

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By: Randy Gaudreau

For a position with a company to become more than just a job, it takes a combination of elements. The perfect mix might include the opportunity to work on meaningful projects or limitless growth potential, a supportive environment, and a real passion for doing what you do.

What started as a job at CGI 20 years ago for Senior Vice President Marc Campbell, has turned into a rewarding career, because it definitely ticked all the right boxes. When asked what’s kept him with the Canadian-founded multinational company, “It’s our culture,” Marc said.

“It’s the people I get to work with and learn from, it’s the clients we get to support, and it’s the challenges and opportunities that continue to present themselves for career growth and to scratch the three-year itch we all get to do something else.”

The CGI Culture

Supportive growth and mentorship are just part of the cultural equation at CGI.

A profile picture of Marc Campbell - Senior Vice President of CGI

Marc Campbell – Senior Vice President of CGI

For one, CGI employees are offered the opportunity to own shares in the company, and the sense of ownership that comes with that is core to the culture at CGI. As CGI professionals have been given the opportunity to become shareholders of CGI since the beginning, they’ve always been given a seat at the table as members.

“We call ourselves members, not employees, because of that ownership mentality,” Marc said. “The concept is, if you’re an owner you also have a voice and a voice amongst others, and that helps establish the defining elements of CGI and our culture.”

Another cultural plus of being part of the CGI team, is that there are plenty of opportunities to join groups that give you a chance to be yourself and be part of a community.

Marc highlighted, for example, a group heading down to Britannia Beach on the weekend for an environmental clean-up. He says it’s affinity groups like these, that help members feel like they can come to work feeling comfortable with who they are, and what they believe in.

“It’s a culture and environment that when you have an interest, there’s a lot of support around you to come together with that interest and create communities,” Marc said.  “We find people who fit well and promote that inclusivity and allow everyone to feel safe coming to work as their authentic selves.”

A commitment to creating a healthy, happy and supported team of professionals

Judging by the accolades CGI is receiving, the signs are positive that it is on the right track to ensuring member satisfaction. In the first quarter alone, CGI has landed on the lists of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers list for 2022Best Workplaces for Women 2022, and Canada’s Top Employers for Young People 2022.

In addition to his role leading CGI’s operations in the National Capital Region, Marc also wears a number of other hats as part of CGI. But one he highlights with great pride, is Chair of CGI’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council for Canada, which he says gives him the opportunity “to work with some of the most passionate people committed to driving change and providing a diverse, inclusive, and safe workplace.”

Marc acknowledged that there’s work to be done, but he’s thankful that CGI is being recognized for the work being done to ensure a safe, equitable, diverse and inclusive space for the CGI team, and a sign that they’re on the right path.

“We’re proud of that because it demonstrates we’re doing the right things,” he said. “CGI is very focused on is continuous improvement, and we’re always looking for feedback on how we could improve ourselves. So, when you get that recognition, it tells us we’re heading in the right direction.”

CGI in a nutshell

Founded in Québec City in 1976, CGI delivers an end-to-end portfolio of services and capabilities, from high-end IT and business consulting services and systems integration to IT and business process services.

Today, with more than 82,000 consultants and professionals in over 400 locations worldwide, and over 11,000 professionals in Canada, CGI has grown to become one of the largest IT and business consulting service firms in the world, using technology to manage satellite missions, advance government and health services and accelerate the digital journeys of companies.   

Headquartered in Montreal, CGI has a sizeable presence in Ottawa, with three locations and a team of 500 working in the Ottawa Gatineau region.

Ottawa jobs with global impact

The red, three letter logo for CGI

Working with the team in Ottawa doesn’t mean members are limited to working on locally specific tasks and projects, as experts often get involved in supporting clients nationally and globally.

Take CGI in Ottawa’s work on cyber security as an example: it is led by the regional teams in Canada, and then integrated into a global service offering.

“So, we get to work on some transformational opportunities supporting our local clients,” he said. “But then also clients across industries and across the globe.”

Driving the Canadian digital transformation

In Ottawa, CGI’s primary client focus is the digital journey of the federal government.

With its global scale and experience, CGI is uniquely qualified to support government clients in achieving their digital transformation outcomes. As he points out, as Canada works to keep up with the pace of digital change globally, growth opportunities are created locally for CGI.

“There’s been a lot of talk over the years, but I think it’s becoming real,” he said. “You’re seeing the investments in transforming so, the money is coming. The commitment is coming. Canada is behind some other countries in its transformation journey, and I think there’s commitment to catch up and focus on that. What that means to me, is a lot of opportunity coming up,” he added. “Because that’s what we’re best positioned for.”

Talent skillsets for today and tomorrow

So, what transformative skillsets are in high demand in the eyes of hiring managers at CGI? Marc outlined a few:

  • Organizational change management, cloud expertise, cyber security expertise, data and artificial intelligence, business analytics with an understanding of domain and industry, systems analytics, program and project management, software developers (Java, .NET and Curam)

An image of two women, looking at a two screen display, appearing to review code together.

But aside from the technical skills and requirements highlighted for any position with CGI, Marc is a firm believer that it’s less about the hard skills, and more about being able to adopt the career-focused, CGI mindset.

“I think that’s someone who’s looking for a career, more than a job,” he said. “It’s someone who’s open to a career, not just looking for the next assignment. Someone who’s passionate about helping clients solve the real problems, so it’s not just the work, but the outcome of the work and the impact on Canadians.”

“We’re really focused on career development, and planning for what opportunity is next, he added. “So, when I’m interviewing people, I often say, OK, it’s great that you’re this today, but what do you want to be down the road. And how can we get you there?”

The future is bright

Marc is excited to point out that there are quite a few developments on the horizon, particularly in cloud, data and AI and cybersecurity, that are sure to drive CGI’s growth locally and around the world.

“There’s a lot of great opportunity for talent at CGI,” he said. “Being able to leverage the data we get from space or drive better decisions through AI, are just two examples of how CGI is using cutting edge technology to help shape a better tomorrow.”

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