How does GTEC create new opportunities for Ottawa companies?

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By: Randy Gaudreau | Oct 28, 2016

GTEC is Canada’s internationally recognized forum for excellence in innovation and government service delivery. For over two decades, it has served public sector enterprises with learning and professional development, an annual conference and exhibition showcasing major technology solutions and an awards program that celebrates excellence and achievements across all levels of government in Canada.

This year, GTEC is expecting to attract over 4,000 participants to their flagship event from November 1st-3rd at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa. Participants can expect to hear from industry leading professionals, network with like-minded people, and get an inside look at advancing the business of technology in both the private and public sector.

We connected with a few companies who participated at GTEC last year, and are looking forward to attending and showcasing again:

TeraMach-Co-Founder-ChristianTeraMach, A Pivot Company 
Christian Nguyen, Co-Founder, Director of Sales, Federal Government and Eastern Canada

TeraMach, which is now rebranded as TeraMach, a Pivot Company, as a result of a recent acquisition by Pivot Technology Solutions works, with organizations across Canada to implement proven, scalable, technology solutions. Our focused approach and ability to address new challenges allow us to deliver flexible solutions which customers trust. Our IT experts and experienced consultants work closely with companies, providing customized technical solutions to ensure your IT transformation is a success. We have offices in Ottawa and Toronto.

How do you leverage GTEC within your overall business strategy?

We have participated in GTEC as both a sponsor and exhibitor for the last ten years. This year we are proud to also be a Gold sponsor.

GTEC has always helped us to understand the perception of key technologies, applications and services within the public sector, and future plans for adoption. This includes data centres, cloud-based applications and security – all key areas of focus for TeraMach given we bring a significant level of expertise in all of these areas.

GTEC allows us to interact with our single largest client base, gather feedback and promote new offerings including our new TeraCloud solution offering. Each year, we come to GTEC with new solutions that we believe could add significant value to the government.

What type of opportunities has GTEC provided to your firm?

We leverage the opportunity to meet with many public sector leaders and decision makers during GTEC, and explore how we can help them achieve their objectives. One thing we consistently here from our customers is that we are good at listening. This is a great forum for us to listen to our customers and be able to respond to their needs. For example, we promoted a services-based solution at GTEC 2013 – one with the potential to support the consolidation of infrastructure within the Government of Canada. We met with many public sector leaders face to face at GTEC, had in-depth discussions around the value our solution could provide, and months later we closed a business deal for a large-scale project.

How has GTEC enhanced or impacted your business with the public sector? 

It enhances our business with existing and new clients which span the private and public sector. There are many companies on the GTEC Exhibition Floor. We leverage and pursue referrals during the GTEC conference and exhibition. We also often leverage onsite third party endorsements by partners or existing clients that help strengthen our brand. All of this catalyzes new business opportunities for TeraMach. What’s special for us this year, is we will be able to talk to people about what it means to be a part of Pivot Technology Solutions. This will only bring more opportunity and choice for our government customers and one area in particular that we will talk to this year is how, with Pivot, our managed services offering will be stronger then ever, and will be tailored to exactly what our customers have been asking for, for some time now.

Birket FosterM.B. Foster Associates Limited
Birket Foster, CEO and Founder

MB Foster helps develop data access and delivery products for organizations around the world. Our vision is to make databases and data access operating systems agnostic using powerful automation tools, proven processes, and frameworks.

How do you leverage GTEC within your overall business strategy?

We have met a lot of people in government through GTEC. It helps us increase awareness and confirm the needs for testing deployment within government infrastructure – a need we can respond to.

What type of opportunities has GTEC provided to your firm?

During our first GTEC conference and exhibition in 2013, we had the opportunity to meet many prospective customers, and perhaps most important, members of the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) delivered by Public Services and Procurement Canada or PSPC (formerly PWGSC). We had not yet commercialized or productized our solution, so we were an excellent candidate for this program.

How has GTEC enhanced or impacted your business with the public sector?

This introduction to GTEC had a significant impact on our business as it led to a successful procurement and beta test with three federal government departments: Finance and Shared Services Canada (SSC) and PSPC. This enabled us to acquire feedback and enhance our product while building public sector relationships for our business. We applied to BCIP at the beginning of 2014, received the BCIP RFP, worked to find a prospective tester in government, and a year later had a contract.

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