Scale or Fail: Hunting Hundreds at AccelerateOTT on June 13 at Lansdowne Park

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Jun 7, 2018

Mike Tremblay, President and CEO, Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards. View original post.

Only seven days left to purchase your ticket to Invest Ottawa’s flagship entrepreneurial conference:

The venture development world is founded on risk and reward. As the President and CEO of Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards, I am inspired by the many entrepreneurs and founders who are charting their destiny and taking a courageous gamble on new products, markets and business models where the winner often takes all or nothing.  This is the quest of the $100 million company.

Working with minimal runway and resources, every decision an entrepreneur makes is mission critical in the race to scale, secure customers and capital.

Our Invest Ottawa team is proud to support top founders, startups and scale-ups across our region. Our goal: to help to catalyze their growth and commercial success. We strive to help Ottawa’s highest potential companies scale quickly and sustainably. We aim to create new opportunities that help these companies thrive, capture new global markets and create more high-value jobs.  This drive is at the heart of our new five-year strategic plan; our mission and mandate; and AccelerateOTT on June 13. Further, it is reinforced by our compelling conference theme: Scale or Fail.

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In addition to a roster of more than 20 world-class speakers who have scaled, failed and triumphed in the entrepreneurial and investment world, we are honoured to host an exhibition of nine top Invest Ottawa supported companies for the first time at AccelerateOTT, including:

  • AirShare: Ensuring safety in the drone economy, AirShare develops monitoring and override-control system for drones or UAVs.
  • ChangeJar: A mobile commerce platform that converts physical cash into digital cash.
  • Else Labs: Creator of smart and automatic cooking devices, starting with Oliver.
  • Gardenaway: Creator of ideolio, an interactive container and garden catalog.
  • Homicity: An AI powered platform to help people make better decisions about their home and real estate.
  • IRYStec: With advance display technology, IRYStec is refining the viewing experience for mobile, automotive, virtual reality and mobile app markets by replicating how the human eye sees.
  • SnapClarity: A platform that enables users to access quality mental health care anytime, anywhere.
  • Spiderwort: This firm is developing a novel biomaterial that will offer new avenues in 3D in vitro research and in regenerative medicine.
  • Transparent Kitchen: A platform leveraging technology and professional content to showcase the best chefs, restaurants, and suppliers.

I hope you will take the opportunity to meet these incredible Ottawa founders at our flagship event, learn how they are scaling global businesses, and experience their products and technologies first-hand.

Please join me and more than 500 participants from across our region and around the world on June 13 at Lansdowne Park to gain:

  • Actionable guidance and insight you can put to work immediately to build your business;
  • Inspiration that strengthens your vision, passion and resilience to overcome entrepreneurial hurdles;
  • Rich networking and introductions to prospective customers, investors, future employees and collaborators; and
  • Excitement that will fuel your entrepreneurial fire, and create opportunity to help share it with the world.

The countdown has started. Where will you be on June 13? If you are an innovator, entrepreneur, technology developer, private or public investor, or R&D or business leader, seeking hundreds of customers, dollars or opportunities…there is only one answer: AccelerateOTT.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join us – purchase your ticket today at:

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