Taking Action to Help Keep You and Our Community Healthy and Safe

Sep 8, 2021

New Health and Safety Protocols, Including Proof of Full Vaccination, at Invest Ottawa, Bayview Yards and Area X.O

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have worked closely with health authorities to help keep you and our community healthy and safe.  As we continue to combat the challenges presented by the fourth wave of COVID-19, we are committed to taking all steps required to preserve the health and safety of our employees, licensees, guests, and community. This is our top priority.

With a strong focus on this goal and adherence to all provincial requirements, our leadership team is developing a plan for the safe, staged and carefully managed re-opening of our facilities this fall.  We are working closely with health authorities on the initial steps we aim to take following the launch of the Ontario vaccine certificate and verification app on October 22, 2021 (pending pandemic conditions, recommendations, and guidelines). Our facility will remain closed to the public until this time.

I wanted to share the initial protocols we have established to help keep you and all members of our community healthy and safe when we re-open our doors at Invest Ottawa, Bayview Yards and Area X.O.

Like many organizations, we are collaborating with experts on all facets of these new policies and how best to implement them. We wanted to share what we know today to help prepare you for a healthy and safe return to our facilities when we are ready. These initial protocols include:

  • Proof of full (double) vaccination required to enter and use our facilities (effective immediately)
    • Full vaccination is considered complete 14 days after a second dose.
    • Until the Ontario vaccine certificate and verification app is launched on Oct. 22, 2021, only employees, licensees, and tenants will be permitted to access and use our facilities.
    • We will engage these members of our community directly to share additional details about how we will manage this critical health and safety protocol effectively and securely.
    • We look forward to welcoming external guests back to our facilities following the launch and implementation of the Ontario vaccine certificate and verification app.
    • In preparation for this step, we will establish and communicate new safety protocols, contract terms and conditions for future space rental, contracted events, and external meetings at our facilities. Event and meeting organizers will be responsible for ensuring and managing proof of vaccination for all participants and guests using Ontario’s official vaccine certificate and verification app.
  • Mandatory completion of the online COVID-19 screening form upon entrance to our facilities
  • Social distancing at least two metres from others; we are reconfiguring key parts of our facilities to support this protocol
  • The provision of hand sanitizer and handwashing stations throughout our facilities, with rigorous and consistent sanitization of high traffic areas
  • A requirement for all individuals to wear masks when moving throughout our facilities until seated with proper social distancing.

We look forward to keeping you apprised of all developments in the days ahead and collaborating with you and all stakeholders on successful implementation.  Should you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any member of our leadership team.

We know these are truly dynamic and unprecedented times. We appreciate your cooperation and support as we chart this critical path and take all steps required to preserve the health and safety of our community.


Michael Tremblay

President and CEO

Invest Ottawa, Bayview Yards and Area X.O

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