Calendar of Events

International Women’s Week
February 28 – March 12, 2022

Be a part of our empowering week

From story-telling talks and keynote presentations to wow-worthy workshops, IWW 2022 had something for everyone. Scan the calendar to get a sense of what’s to come in next March.

Warning: make sure to mark your calendars now. There are so many awesome activities to attend. Be prepared for your calendar to fill up in 2023 – and quick!

march, 2022

Do you have an upcoming event or opportunity you want to promote? Send us the details and well add the details to the calendar.

We Are Here for All Women

When we use the term women, we refer to all individuals who identify as women. This includes women of colour, transgender women, and gender non-conforming women who have historically and systemically been excluded from mainstream women’s programming and opportunities. We are making a concerted effort to prioritize equity. Our goal is to ensure that anyone who would like to access our programs and services truly feels welcome and that they belong.