Special Programs

Training by the experts, to make you an expert

Invest Ottawa offers a variety of Special Programs ranging from 4-day bootcamps, to 3-month business development courses. Offerings are often seasonal or dependent on grants and funding, so be sure to check back to see what’s currently available. You can also subscribe to our Made In #Ottcity newsletter to be the first to know of upcoming program application periods.

Training new entrepreneurs on launching with success

Starter Company Plus is a three-month training program for entrepreneurs who are just starting a new business. The program is open to product makers, service providers, and retailers—it is not open to tech and software startups. Starter Company Plus participants receive exclusive access to a series of online live-recorded training sessions as well as multiple sessions with a business mentor. At the conclusion of the training program, graduates will pitch a lean business plan to a panel of judges for an opportunity to be awarded a grant of $5000 towards business startup costs.


Helping youth get their first taste of business

Summer Company is a training and grant program for students who are between semesters, either in secondary or post-secondary education. If you’ve got a great idea about how to be an entrepreneur between school sessions, this program can help you with the training you need; it can also provide a modest grant of $3000 for startup costs. The coolest part: we accept students 16-and-up, so we welcome adult and mature students, too!

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