Market Insights

Customized market research and analysis at your fingertips.

Our Market Insights Team is here to help you tip the balance in your favour. These experts provide research, actionable data and analysis that empower you to make educated, data-driven decisions to help grow your business, and succeed in your entrepreneurial journey. Gain access to services and tools that are curated to address your specific business opportunities and needs.

How can we help you?

  • Our Market Insight team is here to help you put data to work in your business.
  • Market Insight services are available to companies actively participating in Invest Ottawa programs.
  • Typical turnaround time to receive deliverables is 10 business days (from the discovery call).
  • We do all the heavy-lifting! Our Market Insight team is trained on all tools in our suite. We are unable to provide companies with direct access to these capabilities.

Let’s get started

  • If you are not already registered with an Invest Ottawa program, please visit our Venture Path page.
  • Once accepted into a program, contact your Client Experience Coordinator, Program Manager, or Advisor to get connected with the Market Insights team to start acquiring the data driven insights you need. We offer different Market Insight services to different types of clients. We regret not every tool is available to every company.

Explore our Market Insight Offering: Capabilities and Tools*

Salary Benchmarking

Precise market data can provide your venture with the insights you need to make compensation decisions with confidence. You can tap into the largest and most reliable HR-reported compensation data set for the US and Canada. Market price hot jobs, industry-specific positions, and combine jobs to map to your venture’s specific needs, reducing your data gaps, and retaining and attracting top talent to your organization.

Available to participants in all IO programs, except Ignition.

Business Environment Research

Business environment research comprises market sizing, industry trends, and competitive analysis.

Reports on business growth strategies, operational excellence, high-level comparisons on technology solutions, and forecasts for a limited range of markets at your fingertips.

Deep insights into competitors, such as investment raises, investors, valuations, and industry investment analysis.

Tools: MarketsandMarkets , IBIS World, Statista, PitchBook
Disclaimer: Coverage is limited to the breadth of industries covered within the tools. Reach out to learn what tools are available to your company. Some additional tools are available to companies who generate less than $3M in private funding and less than $1M in annual revenue (i.e., Bloomberg New Energy Finance, eMarketer, Frost & Sullivan, Gartner, GlobalData, IDC, Lux Research).


Custom research on non-dilutive funding programs available in Canada for your venture (including tax credits, grants, reimbursements, contributions, and incentives).

Discover and review relevant investors investing in your space.

Assess financial comparables for your venture (i.e., deal size, valuation, exit comps).

Business information about private and public companies, including investments and funding information, founding members and individuals in leadership positions, mergers and acquisitions, news, and industry trends.

Tools: Pitchbook, Crunchbase, Pocketed

Lead Generation

Gain curated lead lists to accelerate go-to-market sales efforts, customer discovery, and/or validation.

Access to customer contact information and market sizing data.

Ideal for companies that are selling to B2B customers and have established customer personas.

Tools: Cognism

Media Relations

Spend less time creating media contact lists and more time on strategic PR matters.

Uncover relevant journalists and influencers already writing about topics that are key to your organization, helping you unearth media contacts based on the content of their recent articles, or by traditional ways such as beats, outlets and geographical information.

Produce a list of journalists who are actively writing about that topic using keywords, so you can target niche journalists and influencers covering specific subjects and distribute pitches and content that resonates.

Access General Data Protection Regulation-friendly contact information for relevant media audiences.

Tools: Meltwater
Available to participants in all IO programs, except Ignition.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Improve your online visibility and discover marketing insights to enhance your digital strategy. Analyze your website, competitor sites, competitive keywords, backlink analysis, and more!

Tools: Semrush

Audience Insights

Supports your influencer marketing strategy by identifying pockets of influencers in your space.

Learn about your audience’s online behaviour through understanding what and who your audience is interested in, such as the websites they visit, social accounts they follow, hashtags they use, and more.

Audience research datapoints include demographic information, text insights, and the sources of influence that truly engage your online audience.

 Tools: SparkToro

*Please note: Our Market Insight suite and tools may evolve and change at any time.

Have questions? Our team is happy to help.

Reach out to your Client Experience Coordinator, today! 

Chelsea Pengelly
Market Insights Manager

Offers guidance on: Lead Generation, Media Relations, Search Engine Optimization, Audience Insights.

Tyler Morton
Investment Analyst

Offers guidance on: Investment / Funding

Jonathan Ruano
Business Analyst

Offers guidance on: Business Environment Research, Salary Benchmarking