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Ruth Aliu, Techity Consulting Founder

Tell us about your business.

Techity Consulting provides overwhelmed small business owners with the virtual tech assistance they need to run their business.

We started off by providing the services locally to the greater Ottawa area. The next step in our business growth is to offer virtual tech assistance services to clients across the country, from east to west.

What did you learn from your Starter Company Plus program experience?

During my time with Starter Company Plus, I learned how to start my business the right way, by putting structure in place, being intentional with keeping finances in order, and learning how pitch my business for the first time.

All of this helped me set up my business right and prepare for success. 

What advice would you have for other entrepreneurs?

My advice to new entrepreneurs is that it is so easy to talk yourself into giving up when you look at other people doing something similar to you. But dont let that deter you. You’ve got this!

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