Invest Ottawa's Tech Talent Attraction Program

Attract top tech talent to your company. Strengthen your talent pipeline.

Tap into Tech Talent in Ottawa!

Ottawa is home to nearly 2,000 technology companies. And like you, many are facing the challenge of hiring skilled tech professionals to help fuel their growth.

We can help you with services to add net new talent to your pipeline, create a diverse candidate pool, shorten the hiring process, and eliminate backlog with our FREE talent services!


Active job seekers added annually whose resume you can access


Nationalities represented in our rapidly expanding talent pool


Talent recruitment events attended every year




What Our Clients Say

Signiant Logo Accent “When I read about the Talent Program at Invest Ottawa, I was immediately intrigued that they were doing much of the legwork in finding global candidates with an interest in working in Ottawa. We posted our first positions and found several candidates who met our interview criteria, ultimately hiring two of them. I would definitely recommend Invest Ottawa’s Talent Program to other Ottawa-area companies!”

– Shawn McCormick, Signiant


Our Services

Talent-focused Events

Throughout the year, we host recruitment and branding events to match you with skilled talent. You’ll be able to participate through in-person attendance and virtual booths.

Employer Branding & Talent Marketing

Our Work in Ottawa brand showcases our local tech hub where candidates can grow their careers. We can help you become a recognized company from the initial launch to enhance your employer brand across all stages of your growth.

Talent Sourcing and Referrals

We promote your opportunities within our database of 24k candidates. Our talent team can also provide a shortlist of candidates for your priority roles as needed, with candidates sourced from a variety of channels who will be directly referred to your team.

Immigration & International Recruitment
As part of our objective to bring net new talent to Ottawa, we are proud to be partnered with Canada’s oldest and largest immigration law firm, Green and Spiegel LLP. Leverage their services to navigate the immigration pathways available to your hires.

Salary Data and Insights

Invest Ottawa’s talent team provides you with insights on skill availability and salary standards across experience levels. We research reports and leverage multiple sources to provide you with this valuable and actionable data.

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