Ottawa is a Tech Hub

For decades, Ottawa has been a global leader in telecommunications technology. Today, Canada’s capital is one of the hottest and most diverse tech hubs in North America with expertise in SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles,  Next Generation Networks, 5G, Cyber Security, Digital Media, Biotechnology and more.

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Afford the Life You Deserve

When it comes to eating, entertainment, transportation and especially a roof over your head; Ottawa provides a metropolitan lifestyle without putting a strain on your wallet. Here’s what you’ll pay for the average home in these major tech hubs:

Great Sights
and Better People

Ottawa is in the midst of a giant outdoor playground featuring mountains, beaches, camping, skiing, golfing, the world’s largest outdoor skating rink and hundreds of freshwater lakes!

A Never-Ending List of Things To Do

With 14 national museums, 32 art galleries, 180 annual festivals, fairs, and special events – animation, fireworks, live music, theatre, food and much, much more – we’ll keep you checking your calendar all year ’round for new stuff.


“My quality of life in Ottawa is amazing and I have everything I need to excel in my career”


“The density of this tech scene surprised me. Ottawa has a strong tech hub filled with companies of all sizes”


“The best surprise about working in Ottawa has been finding my niche in an exceptional work environment”

Amazing Careers Begin Here

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